flash card adapter

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flash card adapter

A device that enables a flash memory card to be plugged into a different socket. A variety of flash card adapters were popular before the turn of the century when many different flash memory card formats came on the market. Since then, the industry has settled on SD cards, CompactFlash and Memory Stick. See flash memory.

Adapters for microSD Cards
This Kingston Mobility Kit provides both USB and full-size SD card adapters for a microSDHC card. See microSD. (Image courtesy of Kingston Technology Corporation, www.kingston.com)

Laptop Adapter
In the past, adapters were widely available to insert flash cards into a laptop PC Card slot. This one was made for SmartMedia.

Floppies Were Everywhere
Before the turn of the century, these SmartFlash adapters, which were inserted into a 3.5" floppy drive, enabled every computer to read flash cards. (Image courtesy of SmartDisk Corporation.)
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Tender are invited for Controller for control unit for fin cooler, software setup and diagnostics of bodachs controllers bodachs Flash Adapter FA / 10
The acquisition, LSI said, will boost its competitive position in the fast-growing server and storage PCIe flash adapter market, where LSI's WarpDrive family of products already use SandForce flash storage processors.
The takeover will improve LSI's position in the rapidly-growing server and storage PCIe flash adapter market.
LSI said that the acquisition enhances its competitive position in the server and storage PCIe flash adapter market, where the WarpDrive family of products from LSI already uses SandForce flash storage processors.
Talask came up with the ASA Medical flash adapter to cut the cost of the equipment, making it more accessible to dentists and students.
Networking, broadband and digital electronic technologies company D-Link has been chosen to provide Microsoft with its DCF-660W Air Wireless Compact Flash Adapter.