memory card reader

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memory card reader

A peripheral device that reads and writes a memory card made of flash memory chips. First available as external devices for one type of card, readers were subsequently built into the computer to handle all popular formats. Also known as a "memory card reader/writer," "flash memory reader," "memory card drive" and "flash card drive." See flash memory. See also USB drive.

One of the First External Readers
This reader was made for CompactFlash and SmartMedia cards, which were popular years ago.

An Early Internal Reader
Sitting under the floppy disk drive, this old internal reader supported all popular memory card formats.

Fifty Different Cards
In 2016, this Vivitar reader was available at Staples with five slots for virtually every memory card that was ever made.
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ISSI's All-in-One Flash card reader controller, the IC1230, complies with the USB2.
The MobileLiteG2 is the second generation of the popular MobileLite Flash card reader, which allows easy data transfer between Flash memory cards and PC or Mac.
0GHz processor, 17-inch SXGA LCD TV, DVD/CDRW player, 7-in-1 Multi Flash card reader and integrated stereo speakers, 512K of DDR SDRAM (expandable to 2GB), 120 GB SATA hard drive, and wireless keyboard and mouse.
0GHz processor, 17" SXGA LCD TV, DVD/CDRW player, 7-in-1 Multi Flash card reader and integrated stereo speakers.
By significantly reducing the cost of implementing a USB flash card reader and hub, these valuable interfaces can be offered in lower cost, high-volume products.
But it doesn't cost much to add a USB port or a flash card reader, so these are the kinds of improvements we expect to see within the next year or so.
Digital still cameras are the dominant application creating flash card reader demand because cameras depend on flash cards for digital image storage.