flash disk

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flash disk

(1) See USB drive.

(2) A storage module made of flash memory chips. Flash disks have no mechanical platters or access arms, but the term "disk" is used because the data are accessed as if they were on a hard drive. The disk storage structure is emulated.

The first flash disks were housed in Type II PC Cards for expanding laptop storage. Subsequently, flash memory disks have arrived in a variety of formats, including entire hard drive replacements (see solid state drive), memory cards for digital cameras (see flash memory) and modules that fit on a keychain (see USB drive).

Early Flash Disks
The 40MB and 175MB modules are Type II PC Cards. Not even one gigabyte, their capacity is utterly minuscule by today's standards. Nevertheless, they provided extra storage for the first laptops. The 15MB module is an earlier CompactFlash camera card. (Image courtesy of SanDisk Corporation, www.sandisk.com)
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M-Systems' IDE and SCSI product line are state-of-the-art solid-state flash disks, which are designed as drop-in replacements for 3.
ArrayPro[TM] Performance Engine: This new generation of Flashpak[R] flash disk (http://www.
This marks the first time that Wincor Nixdorf is offering support for an embedded flash disk in any of the company's POS systems.
SST's ATA Flash Disk Controller can recognize up to five external flash memory devices, up to 1 Gigabit density each, to create as large as a 640 MByte flash drive.
New economies and geometries are driving the selection of flash disks for a wide variety of defense and industrial applications, opening up opportunities for new flash disk applications," stated Wieslaw Wojtczak, Flashpak product line manager.
Both the A35FB and I35FB flash disks support either commercial (0 to 70 degrees C) or industrial (-40 to 85 degrees C) temperatures.
Russia-based in-line inspection (ILI) service provider Spetsneftegaz NPO uses E-Disk solid state flash disks to store information gathered during its pipeline inspections, also known as pigging.
Note to Editors: High-resolution photo images of M-Systems' FFD Ultra 320 SCSI flash disk are available online at www.
A high mean time between failures (MTBF) enabled by M-Systems' technology and TrueFFS(R) flash management software allows blade server customers to replace two rotating mechanical disks and deploy only one FFD flash disk without the need for a back-up.
The 80-pin E-Disk(R) Ultra320E SCSI solid state flash disk drive facilitates storage management at the hardware level as the convenience and simplicity offered by SCA-2 is seamlessly merged with the speed of Ultra320," says Rudy Bruce, President of BiTMICRO(R) Networks.
On the other hand, the conduction-cooled E-Disk(R) VME U320 SCSI plug-in flash disk module comes in a single disk configuration that can occupy up to three slots for a maximum capacity of 155.