flash disk

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flash disk

(1) See USB drive.

(2) A storage module made of flash memory chips. Flash disks have no mechanical platters or access arms, but the term "disk" is used because the data are accessed as if they were on a hard drive. The disk storage structure is emulated.

The first flash disks were housed in Type II PC Cards for expanding laptop storage. Subsequently, flash memory disks have arrived in a variety of formats, including entire hard drive replacements (see SSD), memory cards for digital cameras (see flash memory) and modules that fit on a keychain (see USB drive).

Early Flash Disks
The 40MB and 175MB modules are Type II PC Cards. Not even one gigabyte, their capacity is utterly minuscule by today's standards. Nevertheless, they provided extra storage for the first laptops. The 15MB module is an earlier CompactFlash camera card. (Image courtesy of SanDisk Corporation, www.sandisk.com)
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"The security officer carelessly gave the flash disk [to my client] without a second doubt, and did not warn him that it contained classified government information," he said.
In 2008, China's flash disk market reviews three characteristics:
Drivers are supplied for Windows 98 PCs but later versions of Windows, such as ME and XP, will support the flash disk straight away with no need for software installation.
Court documents indicate the suspect sold the flash disk for Sh1,000 and that Dissi had only paid Sh400.
High speed flash disk drive can be used and/or an optional 2.5" hard drive.
This solid-state flash disk is an alternative to hard-disk drives.
(FTDI) announced its model VDRIVE2, a Universal Serial Bus flash disk interface module that is suited for use in adding USB flash disk connectivity to a range of industrial or commercial products that previously did not have a USB interface.
The 32-MB compact flash disk memory can store up to 600 sets of mold data--20 times more than the diskette used with the CC 100.
M-Systems offers a complete line of solid-state flash disk products in 2.5-inch IDE, 2.5-inch Narrow SCSI, 3.5-inch Narrow SCSI, and 3.5-inch Ultra-Wide SCSI form factors.
"This project is a step in our relationship with 3Com," said Aryeh Mergi, executive vice president of marketing and sales at M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers, Ltd.
ICP Electronics Inc, a Taiwanese builder of industrial single board computers, has announced what it claims is the industry's first range of IDE Flash Disk devices, and boasts that they are the "best solution to replace the conventional rotating hard disk." It says that the new devices, solid state Flash storage "disks" which conform to standard 1.8", 2.5" and 3.5" disk drive formats, offer capacity ranging from 4MB to 512MB and are 100% IDE HDD compatible.
Rukaria had presented documentary material - including two voluminous files, a flash disk, and two compact discs, as received from the Swiss authorities in February.