flash mob

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flash mob

A group of people who gather at a predetermined time and place to perform a silly prank such as yelling at the top of their lungs for 30 seconds and quickly dispersing before the police arrive. Using cellphones, the venue can be changed if the first one is compromised. Why do they do this? Just for fun.

Flash mobs are also organized on the spot for political rallies as soon as some controversial event takes place.

Spontaneous, Fast Communications
The flash mob is quickly organized by email, blogs, texting and social networks, and messages can be forwarded several times to increase its size. Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper's Magazine, claimed to organize the first successful flash mob in New York in the summer of 2003. A hundred people gathered in Macy's rug department to shop for a "love rug," saying they all lived together and made purchases only as a group.

Flash mobs that are not always peaceful have been reported in Boston, Brooklyn and other cities; however, they seemed to occur more frequently in Philadelphia in 2010. All of a sudden, gangs of rowdy teenagers would appear in a store or on the sidewalk and push their way through the crowd injuring some onlookers. Commenting on his original purpose of encouraging spontaneity, Wasik lamented that the flash mobs in Philadelphia had turned violent.

The Flash Dance
A flash mob can break into song and dance, perhaps not very much choreographed, but fun nevertheless. A major attempt to set up flash dances is Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party (DDP), and by the end of 2012, the two Canadians organized more than 50 of them. Using an FM transmitter in a backpack along with an iPod and microphone, they broadcast to dozens of boom boxes in the vicinity that have been tuned to a designated and unused radio channel.

The Flash Rob
Across the U.S., flash mobs have been quickly organized to rob a store. All of a sudden, dozens of teens appear in a retail establishment and begin stealing merchandise from one end of the place to the other.
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Not only was the flash mob a vacuous fad; it was, in its very form (pointless aggregation and then dispersal), intended as a metaphor for the hollow hipster culture that spawned it.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that today's flash mob is also originally an initiative of volunteers, and now look at what it has achieved by our common efforts
The flash mob aimed to publicise Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi's Lok Virsa cultural festival starting November 11.
The International Modern Hospital recreated this scenario in a flash mob in their facility to teach people the importance of knowing how to perform a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
The celebrations included a flash mob that surprised passengers arriving from various destinations in both countries, as it suddenly appeared in the baggage claim halls, leaving the passengers in total amazement.
The city's iconic landmarks, including Liverpool Lime Street Station and St George's Hall, were transformed into a festival atmosphere with models, dancers, flash mobs, vibrant music, megaphones and exclusive competitions on offer.
Flash mob organiser David Harris said the aim was to put a smile on commuters' faces.
Caption: A flash mob organized by Bangkok Rising to protest violence against women.
The flash mob was attended by Quezon City councilor Roderick Paulate, Optical Media Board (OMB) chairman Ronnie Rickets, Rep.
Speaking after the flash mob, Mike said: "Organ donation has always been a taboo subject that people do not want to talk about, but Wales is leading the way with this.
Commuters at Newcastle Central Station were entertained by the flash mob
Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti ( CYSS) has named the flash mobs as ' Dance for Democracy' while the concerts are being called ' Play for Change'.