flat cutting

ripsawing, flat cutting, ripping

Sawing lumber parallel to the grain direction.
References in classic literature ?
A tall, bald-headed old man with a red nose, wearing a dressing gown and with galoshes on his bare feet, stood in the anteroom.
Makar Alexeevich came twice that evening shuffling along in his galoshes as far as the door and stopped and looked ingratiatingly at Pierre.
If you will give me five minutes to fetch my mackintosh and galoshes, it would interest me to see whether I have profited by the lessons I took in Scotland.
Suppose Fraulein Wundermacher should pounce upon me suddenly from behind, coming up noiselessly in her galoshes, and shatter my castles with her customary triumphant "Fetzt halte ich dich aber fest
As the voices came round one corner, I whisked in my noiseless clothes round the next, and it was only Fraulein Wundermacher, a person of resource, who discovered that all she needed for my successful circumvention was galoshes.
I must tell you," said she, "that to-day is my birthday; and in honor of it, a pair of walking-shoes or galoshes has been entrusted to me, which I am to carry to mankind.
No one had heard him, and Konstantin, taking off his galoshes, listened to what the gentleman in the jerkin was saying.
When cutting the fabric, place it on a flat cutting surface, ensuring it isn't hanging off the edge and pulling.
A table saw has a flat cutting surface, with the circular saw blade extending up through a slot.
On other occasions, Regan was seen in his flat cutting up substances and weighing them.
When London merchant-decorator Jerom Johnson announced his intention to 'retire into the country' in 1756, the list of his tools advertised for sale included both 'Lapidary Benches', used for flat cutting, and 'Scalloper's Mills'.
Secondary finishing operations include sheeting, flat cutting, punching, laminating, forming, die cutting and assembly.