flat design

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flat design

With regard to user interfaces, a flat design rejects the 3D-looking sculpted, shadowed and translucent window borders and icons that were so popular starting with the personal computer explosion and lasting well into the 21st century.

A flat design is essentially two dimensional. Starting in 2012, Windows 8 switched to the flat design, followed by Apple and Android. Everything runs in cycles. In 2017, Microsoft introduced a new UI style that moves away from the entirely flat look in Windows 8 and 10 (see Microsoft Fluent Design System and Metro interface). See iOS 7, Material Design, skeuomorph and user interface.

Old Vs. New
The Windows 7 application buttons (top) were shaded, while the same buttons in the next versions of Windows are displayed without any attempt at making them appear 3-dimensional.

Forget Old Fashioned
In 2013, the user interface became flat in Apple's iOS 7 operating system. See iOS 7 and skeuomorph.
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The grinder is described as a special tool with an extremely flat design that enhances the tool's overall operation and maneuver ability.
The hand shower with its elongated square and the head shower with its square flat design are the heart of the product line.
IDA Congress is dubbed the Olympics of the design field and the 2011 version will be a cross-line design exhibition, covering the fields of industrial design, flat design, and interior design.
Apart from the popular ex-stock flat design SMI also produces Swallow Tail split curtains and crumple zone concertina types.
Warning triangle High-visibility vest (EN471 approved) High quality first-aid kit 3.5 metre tow rope with flat design for easy storage Footpump with gauge Emergency camera with flash and 12 exposures Notepad and pen Tyre safety kit Large canvas-type carry bag with handles and velcro Emergency glass hammer with seat-belt cutter
With its quirky wing-inspired single, big, flat design of the desk?s surface, coupled with its clean lines the revolutionary design adds to the work experience without losing any functionality or style.
The sleek, flat design of the Prodigy allows for the gloss to fit neatly and discretely into a pocket or small bag.
The design of the N700 is very sleek and sophisticated and when not in use it can be easily packed away due to the flat design.
A flat design is also critical for larger applications such as vehicles, Perry says, nicely positioning Porous Power in a market that is expected to nearly double to more than $1 billion in 2012.
The thin and flat design of Stylis is said to offer "ideal comfort and cosmetic appeal".
The Guardian Angel looks different from other sprays because it has more of a flat design, similar to a cell phone or pager, and features an integral clip so it can be fastened on a belt.
The flat design would be less susceptible to vandalism in the somewhat isolated location atop the hill, and would be easy to maintain, Ms.