flat design

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flat design

With regard to user interfaces, a flat design rejects the 3D-looking sculpted, shadowed and translucent window borders and icons that were so popular starting with the personal computer explosion and lasting well into the 21st century.

A flat design is essentially two dimensional. Starting in 2012, Windows 8 switched to the flat design, followed by Apple and Android. Everything runs in cycles. In 2017, Microsoft introduced a new UI style that moves away from the entirely flat look in Windows 8 and 10 (see Microsoft Fluent Design System and Metro interface). See iOS 7, Material Design, skeuomorph and user interface.

Old Vs. New
The Windows 7 application buttons (top) were shaded, while the same buttons in the next versions of Windows are displayed without any attempt at making them appear 3-dimensional.

Forget Old Fashioned
In 2013, the user interface became flat in Apple's iOS 7 operating system. See iOS 7 and skeuomorph.
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You will find brogue ankle boots in high heel and flat designs, ideal for any occasion and outfit.
It uses LCD technology coupled with the use of plasma gas instead of conventional transistors to give the same brightness and definition in a truly flat design.
Both types of cables are available in a 4-foot tangle-free flat design in black, white and gray, a 6-foot stylish braided cable design in black and beige and a gray 6-inch flat cable which is an ideal size for power banks and charging your device from a standard computer USB port.
The emphasis on flat design creates a simple and elegant user experience, and accents the golf inspired color scheme that matches the Focus Golf Products Logo.
The flat design enables fast loading times, while a clear, streamlined navigation structure guides users through the world of RTL Group.
VAZrKfmSxS0) Windows 9 could debut with features including Cortana, windowed Metro-style apps to float in the desktop, virtual desktops, the new version of Internet explorer, new flat design on the whole OS and a lot more on Sept 30.
For added durability and ease of use, the cord is reinforced and features a flat design to eliminate twisting, tangling and knotting.
A new generation of silicon computer chips, due to debut in 2012, will contain transistors having a vertical structure instead of a conventional flat design.
In addition, thanks to the cargo area's low and flat design, the rear hatch opening is low to the ground for easy loading and unloading.
The deckchair was originally designed for use on ships because their flat design made them easy to store on deck.
The shadows would eventually serve to describe the form as well as the various levels of the otherwise flat design.
0" or "Almost Flat," the latest era of flat design has inspired developers around the globe.