flat paintbrush

flat wall brush, flat paintbrush

A paintbrush usually 4 to 6 in. (10 to 15 cm) in width, with long, stiff bristles, usually made of synthetic fiber.
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Toothbrush Splatter: Using a toothbrush or the end of a dry, 1-inch, flat paintbrush, flick paint onto the page by dipping the brush in paint with bristles facing downward and use one finger to flick the paint onto the paper.
With the flat paintbrush, coat the back of rice paper with glue and adhere to the fabric (covering the twine "veins").
Other supplies required are a straightedge ruler, a pencil or pen, a flat paintbrush, a supply of acrylic paints (art and craft stores sell them in 4-ounce bottles), and newsprint or scrap paper.