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mat of woolwool,
fiber made from the fleece of the domestic sheep. Composition and Characteristics

Wool consists of the cortex, overlapping scales (sharper and more protruding than those of hair) that may expand at their free edges causing fibers to intermesh; elasticum, the
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 formed by shearing a sheep in one continuous operation. The average fleece weighs from 5 to 10 lb (2.3–4.5 kg); in highbred wool sheep such as the American Merinos a ram's fleece may reach 30 lb (13.6 kg). The weight lost in cleansing the fleece of grease before sorting the wool is called shrinkage. On large sheep ranches hand shearing, once a competition skill, has largely been replaced by machine shearing. In heraldry a fleece is a whole, stuffed ram's fleece, complete with head and feet, suspended by a band around its middle. See also Golden FleeceGolden Fleece,
in Greek mythology, the magic fleece of the winged ram that saved Phrixus and Helle, the children of Nephele and Athamas, from the jealousy of Ino, Athamas' second wife.
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 and sheepsheep,
common name for many species of wild and domesticated ruminant mammals of the genus Ovis of the Bovidae, or cattle, family. The male is called a ram (if castrated it is a wether), the female is called a ewe, and their offspring is a lamb.
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wool removed from a sheep in an entire layer. Fleece consists of staples or locks of wool that are held close to one another by connecting wool threads in homogeneous wool and by the bunching of down at the bases of the locks in heterogeneous wool. The fleece is removed in the spring from fine-wooled, semifine-wooled, semicoarse-wooled, and coarse-wooled sheep. Autumn and lamb’s-wool shearings do not form a fleece but fall into separate pieces. The wool covering on sheep before shearing is also called fleece.

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A fabric with a deep, soft, napped surface.
(vertebrate zoology)
Coat of wool shorn from sheep; usually taken off the animal in one piece.
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sheepskin or a fabric with soft pile, used as a lining for coats, etc.
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