Flesh Side

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Flesh Side


(1) The inner layer of skin (subcutaneous tissue), removed from the derma in leather manufacture.

The flesh side, which is removed in fleshing, accounts for 20-30 percent of the total weight of the skin. It is usually dried, frozen, or treated with lime suspension or dry lime to prevent decomposition under storage conditions. In addition to protein (primarily collagen) and fatty substances, it consists of approximately 75 percent water. The flesh side is used in the preparation of joiner’s glue and commercial gelatin.

(2) In the fur industry, an accepted term for the derma of the pelt.

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Take out of the oven, flip it back onto the skin and brush the honey on the flesh side of the salmon.
Take out of the oven, flip it back on to the skin and brush the honey on the flesh side of the salmon.
Gently turn the bass so they are flesh side down and cook for a further two minutes.
"The old way" of making rawhide was accomplished by staking the scraped hide to the ground with the dermis or flesh side up and hair side down.
3 Brush the flesh side of the mackerel fillets with soy sauce then with the sesame oil, and grill for 5-10 mins until the fish is cooked through.
Place a tablespoon of the filling onto the flesh side of the fish fillet and roll into a cylinder, securing with a toothpick, place in a moderate oven at 180degC/350degF for eight minutes.
Sprinkle the mixture over the flesh side of the fillets, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
* Charred lemon juice: Slice lemons in half and place on grill flesh side down until lightly blackened.
Heat a large frying pan with a little olive oil, and place the apricots in the pan flesh side down.
The flesh side should be seared for only about four minutes.