flexible cable

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1. An electric conductor consisting of a group of smaller-diameter conductor strands twisted together.
2. A group of electric conductors which are insulated from each other.
3. Any heavy rope or wire line used for support, for exerting a force, or for controlling a mechanism.
4. One of the reedings which are set into the flutes of a pilaster or column.
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It can be braced with either flexible cable or steel sections.
The flexible cable can be wire-tied to support beams without insulating standoffs.
These flexible cable heaters are offered with customized wattage and voltage to suit the application.
Yamaichi will also be introducing several new product lines for high-speed flexible cable, rigid and flexible printed circuit board (PCB) and printed wiring assembly (PWA) service on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis.
offers the 6238/6292 Series 0.5 mm pitch, flexible printed circuit (FPC)/flat flexible cable (FFC) connectors.
The system includes a precision 3-lead platinum RTD probe, match-calibrated 4-20 mA transmitter and loop-powered indicator in a washdown compatible enclosure, ruggedized Teflon covered flexible cable, and a polyethylene vial that lets the sensor mimic the thermal response of other freezer contents.
A trial 'Sputnik' was fitted with a Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve operated by a 'Teleflex' remote operator fitted to the side of the IBC, with a flexible cable linking the valve control handle to the specially adapted valve.
With the NI VXI-8360T VXI-MXI-Express remote controller, engineers can use general-purpose desktop and laptop computers to control VXI chassis across a thin flexible cable that extends up to 7 M.
The Swivel EMI Adapters allow for a full 70 degrees of cable re-orientation that turn a standard panel-mount adapter into a multipositional swivel for flexible cable grooming.
LAPP LIMITED has launched a flexible cable designed and approved for underwater applications.
FireWire cameras solve this dilemma using a thin, flexible cable. Multiple cameras can operate on one bus, enabling multiple simultaneous Laser Beam Profilers.

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