flexible cable

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1. An electric conductor consisting of a group of smaller-diameter conductor strands twisted together.
2. A group of electric conductors which are insulated from each other.
3. Any heavy rope or wire line used for support, for exerting a force, or for controlling a mechanism.
4. One of the reedings which are set into the flutes of a pilaster or column.
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See Figures 7 and 8, Page 24, for piping restrained with flexible cable and rigid bracing.
Oknaian, the Daily News' entry, correctly spelled ``catenary'' (the curve taken up by a chain or flexible cable hanging freely) in the first round before taking on 25 brain-teasers in a second-round written test.
A trial 'Sputnik' was fitted with a Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve operated by a 'Teleflex' remote operator fitted to the side of the IBC, with a flexible cable linking the valve control handle to the specially adapted valve.
With the NI VXI-8360T VXI-MXI-Express remote controller, engineers can use general-purpose desktop and laptop computers to control VXI chassis across a thin flexible cable that extends up to 7 M.
The Swivel EMI Adapters allow for a full 70 degrees of cable re-orientation that turn a standard panel-mount adapter into a multipositional swivel for flexible cable grooming.
LAPP LIMITED has launched a flexible cable designed and approved for underwater applications.
FireWire cameras solve this dilemma using a thin, flexible cable.
The sensor head is connected to the amplifier by a highly flexible cable.
Custom fabricated with coax, twisted pairs, power conductors, and other components, this highly flexible cable has a low coefficient of friction.
C&M has developed a new flexible cable assembly that delivers 120 signals over high precision coax with 120 grounds, all with optimized signal integrity.

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