flexible conduit

flexible metal conduit

A flexible raceway which is circular in cross section, esp. constructed for the pulling in or withdrawing of cables or wires, after the conduit and its fittings are in place.
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Company announces the availability of LIQUID-TUFF UL Splash Zone Liquidtight Flexible Conduit, with a rugged polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket designed to inhibit bacteria growth and withstand cleaning and sterilization using bleach--with no jacket degradation.
Install liquid-tight flexible conduit wherever the wiring will be subjected to wet conditions.
According to Flexicon's new cable protection guide for hazardous areas, using flexible conduit systems will offer a potentially safer solution that could also save money and time.
The new PVC coated metal conduit can be found on the website in the wire management category under “conduit and wraps” where it joins split nylon conduit, metal conduit fittings for EMT pipe, metal conduit fittings for PVC pipe, metal conduit fittings for NPT, PG, & metric threads, unsplit polyethylene conduit, flexible conduit adapters, flexible conduit fittings, unsplit nylon conduit split polypropylene conduit, EZ dispenser split nylon conduit, slit harness wrap, slit harness installation tool, spiral cut wire wrap, and spiral wrap products.
The new IRB 2600 ID model, especially designed for arc welding, features a flexible conduit in its upper arm for routing cables and hoses to integrate the process equipment with the robot.
The model features a flexible conduit in its upper arm/wrist for routing cables and hoses for signals, air and power, fully integrating the process equipment with the robot.
FLEXICON has developed a liquid-tight range of flexible conduit for extremely arduous industrial environments.
New connectors and pins are installed, and, to protect the assembly, a new heavy-duty flexible conduit. PowerTech says its remanufacturing program can save molders 30% to 50% of the cost of a new cable.
BRON utility plows are designed for the installation of fibre optic cable, copper wire cable, flexible conduit or pipe up to working depths of 78".
Flexible conduit was run from each junction box to a 90-degree connector installed in the raceway.

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