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A flexible waveguide layer can ease alignment and connectivity of optical components, and has the potential to produce highly integrated electro-optical configurations on flexible PCBs that can be assembled into space-limited 3-D design implementations (FIGURE 4).
Highlighted products will include Invar waveguide, thin wall aluminum waveguide, and seamless flexible waveguide. A.T Wall's broad selection of waveguide tubing is available in-stock, allowing for fast and efficient turnaround time to meet the special product requirements of customers.
This flexible waveguide can replace current articulated arms with relay mirrors for delivering 10.6 [micro]m infrared radiation from C[O.sub.2], lasers to surgical targets.
A new flexible waveguide probe permits simple and easy installations with the very minimum of headroom.
A flexible waveguide extends the multiplier output to the DTF module, resulting in fewer components and a smaller footprint.
The test fixture containing the DUT is connected to the test ports via flexible waveguide sections, providing sufficiently high phase stability.
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