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system of assigning hours for work that permits employees to choose, within specified limits, the hours that they will be at their place of employment. In many companies, there is a "core time" when all employees must be present each workday. By allowing employees to stagger hours or by changing from five eight-hour days to four ten-hour days (a "compressed work week"), traffic and commuting problems are eased, parents can adjust work schedules to school schedules, and expensive office equipment, such as computers, can be used more efficiently. In 1997 about 25 million full-time workers (about 15.1% of the U.S. workforce) had flexible schedules. One variation on flextime is job sharing, in which two employees share the duties of one job by splitting the weekly work hours associated with the job. Some flextime programs permit employees to work some hours at home; this can include telecommutingtelecommuting,
an arrangement by which people work at home using a computer and telephone, accessing work-related materials at a business office, or transmitting materials to an office, by means of a Internet connection; it is also known as telework.
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, that is, using the telephone and a home personal computerpersonal computer
(PC), small but powerful computer primarily used in an office or home without the need to be connected to a larger computer. PCs evolved after the development of the microprocessor made possible the hobby-computer movement of the late 1970s, when some computers
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 equipped with a modemmodem
[modulator/demodulator], an external device or internal electronic circuitry used to transmit and receive digital data over a communications line normally used for analog signals.
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 to conduct business and stay in contact with the office.
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In 1991, Canon introduced flextime for workers in its research and development department, but in July, it told the labor union it wanted to abolish the system.
The office criticized Sharp for failing to properly pay flextime employees in its cost-cutting drive, the sources said.
The final two articles discuss various aspects of flexible scheduling or flextime, another growing characteristic of today's labor market.
He said his company had already changed its flextime policy to be in compliance.
In these occupations, flextime is found among more than 64 percent of the college and university teachers and natural scientists.
According to the federal government, flextime "means a system of work scheduling which splits the work day into two distinct kinds of times - core time and flexible time.
Although some employers offered such benefits as child care, flextime, and maternity leave, these work/family benefits were relatively rare.
Our purpose is to investigate the extent to which companies currently offer formal flextime programs.
The logical compromise: flexible alternatives, such as flextime, part time, job sharing, compressed work weeks or "work at home" programs.
Tired of state offices being empty on Fridays, he eliminated Ohio's decades-old flextime policy in the name of customer service.
Synopsis: New Gallup research shows that an engaging workplace has more of an effect on worker wellbeing than your company's vacation or flextime policies do.
Two alternatives, which are being offered by employers, are flextime and telecommuting.