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As with specimens with other tensile reinforcement ratios, the flexural rigidity of the specimens was not improved significantly before yielding of steel rebar, but improved in proportion to the number of fabric layer after yielding of steel rebar.
(The tool used had no cores located in the thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) skin region that could be pulled back to allow foaming of that component.) Not only was a lighter part that used less material achieved, but it also had higher flexural rigidity and bending stiffness, making the design better suited for load cases exposed to bending or torsion.
The added damping and modified flexural rigidity may be computed using the well-known Ross-Kerwin-Ungar (RKU) theory, described in [10].
where G is flexural rigidity (mN x cm), W is weight per unit area (g/[m.sup.2]), and C is bending length (cm).
First, the post specimens were placed in a universal test machine (UTM) at the vertical lamination test orientation to determine edgewise flexural rigidity ([EI.sub.y-y]).
Moment resistance and flexural rigidity of Z-purlin in multispan structure were investigated later [64] and targeted on the moment capacity and flexural rigidity of lapped connection over the internal support in multispan purlins system.
The topics include dynamic amplification factor measuring of T-girder bridges, vehicle-bridge coupling vibration of equal-span girder bridges of different span number, detecting damage based on correlation characteristics of acceleration response, the seismic performance analysis of a multi-span continuous-girder bridge under multi-excitation, and the impact analysis of the flexural rigidity on the frequency and tension of the stay cable.
Culms of Poaceae without regard to their leaf sheaths are studied concerning flexural rigidity, Young's modulus, the relation between bending and torsional stiffness, and with regard to anatomy [2, 6-10].
Siginer [15] conducted research on the stability of a column whose flexural rigidity has a continuous linear variation along the column.