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, flier
1. an aviator or pilot
2. a fast-moving machine part, esp one having periodic motion

flier, flyer

1. Any of the steps in a straight flight of stairs, each tread of which is of uniform width (as distinguished from the treads in a winding stair).
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Fliers might spend $3,000 to $5,000 a year on feed, medication and travel costs.
Sheriff's officials say the fliers do not constitute a hate crime - since they made no direct threat toward an individual or group - but they are categorizing the situation as a ``hate incident.
The flier blasts his involvement with a homeowners association and personally attacks some of his supporters.
This week, the camp sent letters home to parents with fliers issued by the Police Department that included the suspect's name.
Another conservative Christian blogger in the county complained about finding the Pagan flier in her child's folder.
At Grant High in Van Nuys, police found medical marijuana fliers on car windshields in August and said they appeared to be ads to get teens high.
Some fliers were found inside plastic bags containing small rocks.
Some of the artists who made their reputations doing flier and album-cover art have gone on to fame and perhaps fortune, while others remain undiscovered, under-appreciated, and assed out.
Some researchers are investigating the use of giant balloons, but most proposals are for fixed-wing fliers, like conventional airplanes.
Fliers also should know that no major airlines operate the commuter lines that carry their names-- American Eagle and Delta Connection are examples--and that some of these lines aren't even owned by the major airlines whose names they bear.
Keeping track of your frequent flier miles can be harder than balancing your books.
There are no administrative requirements for an employer to report the value of frequent flier mileage on a Form W-2, since it is not determinable by the employer.