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, flier
1. an aviator or pilot
2. a fast-moving machine part, esp one having periodic motion

flier, flyer

1. Any of the steps in a straight flight of stairs, each tread of which is of uniform width (as distinguished from the treads in a winding stair).
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The flier invited people to "an educational program for children of all ages (and their adults), where we'll explore the traditions of December and their origins, followed by a Pagan ritual to celebrate Yule.
With the number of dispensaries jumping from just five in July 2005 to 143 by the end of last year, police say the centers' tactics have become more brazen, including distributing fliers near high schools and colleges.
Remaining to this day, however, are the bands with little money or luck, but who continue to photocopy their flier, pass them out at shows, and staple them to telephone poles.
In spring 1999, Colozza bounced his idea for a Martian flier off Robert C.
Frequent fliers often depend on small commuter airlines to get from one client to the next.
My boss has said that I need a titanium-level frequent flier card," he quips.
Although the ruling applies only to the specific taxpayer it addressed, it does follow the IRS's philosophy with respect to frequent flier mileage.
Spirit's full-frills, low fare service includes new airplanes with all leather seats, coach and business class and also offers one of the most attractive frequent flier programs on the planet with no blackouts and seats available on every flight.
Frequent flier miles are no longer the incentive du jour for credit card companies and banks.
A community service officer will pick up the flier, and investigators hope to check for fingerprints.
Terry Brennan backed Republican John Sanchez and wielded a flier from the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico that attacked Democratic candidate Bill Richardson.
Is the death bell tolling for frequent flier programs?