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, flier
1. an aviator or pilot
2. a fast-moving machine part, esp one having periodic motion
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flier, flyer

1. Any of the steps in a straight flight of stairs, each tread of which is of uniform width (as distinguished from the treads in a winding stair).
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Ginsberg was a very frequent flier, with top Platinum Elite status and approximately 75 flights a year.
The new frequent flier allows customers of both airlines to fly through each other's routes conveniently, and earn and redeem frequent flier rewards for flying with both airlines.
"Have you ever wondered what 'Holidays' refers to?" read the flier. "Everyone knows about Christmas--but what else are people celebrating in December?
Just days earlier, after all, Zenuch had found a racist flier in his north Eugene driveway, a one-page sheet distributed among at least four residential streets that mocked white people who dared to adopt children of color.
Seattle's EMP museum has an installation dedicated to punk flier art (and the movements it spawned) entitled "Paper Scissors ROCK," that is part journey-back-in-time nostalgia, part serious art appreciation, and part pop-culture display.
(Coral): 4 Kilbarry Flier, Knockeevan Magic, Soldier Tom 6 On Line Deal 8 Droopys Magic 14 Blonde Admiral 16 Skelligs Mick 20 Black Eyed Joe, Midday Sun, Money Sweeper, Show Me Mercy, Vigorous Robby 25 bar.
However, if an aircraft's wings flapped in the manner of those of insects, Colozza and his colleagues realized, the flier's increased size and the decreased Martian air density could balance each other out.
Coun Eddie Woodward had been accused by the Farmers' Union of Wales concerning a flier which suggested that Llanrwst livestock market and abattoir move to Toe Gwyn site in the town.
Deputies of the opposition Bloque Unionista have started hearings on the flier scandal and have called Tipografia Nacional officials, Barrios, and others to testify.
Frequent flier mileage that was earned in business-related travel and provided to the employee for personal purposes was specifically held to be a taxable fringe benefit.
When Tom Plaskett, then senior vice president of marketing at American Airlines, launched the AAdvantage frequent flier program in May 1981, he likened the bonus program to the time-honored Green Stamps Concept, but wryly noted, "All we've done is to replace toasters with the most sought-after reward today: travel" (Hoffman 1984).