flight control computer

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flight control computer (FCC)

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A component of automatic control systems that has inputs from aircraft flight control surfaces and engine controls and outputs to the engine-indicating-and-crew-alerting system (EICAS) and the flight management computer (FMC).
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Global defense, security and aerospace company BAE Systems yesterday announced that it will provide design, production and support of flight control computers for Embraer Legacy 450 and 500 business jets.
The Modernized Flight Control Computer and Modernized Spoiler Control Electronic Flap Computer will improve reliability, provide capability for increased aircraft functionality, and mitigate parts-obsolescence issues through use of commercial components.
More recent platforms have featured fly-by-wire, where the pilot's inceptor provides electrical signals from transducers installed to the flight control computer, enabling aircraft control with no direct mechanical link, so reducing complexity and weight.
In a future test, a flight control computer will use precision Global Positioning System, inertial navigation systems, and tanker-datalink signals as sensor inputs in the control laws.
While troubleshooting a flight-control problem on a Hornet, Petty Officer Secules found a chafed cable for the flight control computer.
The aircraft was incapable of self-recovery; due to the erroneous AOA indications, the flight control computer did not apply anti-spin or stall recovery inputs.
LAS VEGAS -- Rockwell Collins' Pro Line Fusion([R]) avionics system and Primary Flight Control Computer (PFCC) have been selected for the Bombardier* Global 7000* and Global 8000* aircraft, both of which feature the Global Vision* flight deck.
Rockwell Collins also provides the Primary Flight Control Computer and MultiScan weather radar with predictive windshear as standard equipment on the C Series family of aircraft, and a single or dual Head-up Display as an option.
Bombardier Rockwell CollinsO Pro Line Fusion[umlaut] avionics and Primary Flight Control Computer (PFCC) played a key role in the successful first flight of BombardierOs CSeries* commercial aircraft, which took place today in Montral, Qubec.
In addition, the upgraded H-60 helicopters will be equipped with a new Aircraft Flight Control Computer (AFCC) as well as new wiring harness, high speed shaft and seal lead acid battery.
Under contract to Parker Aerospace, BAE Systems' work will include a primary flight control computer that will provide a lightweight, high-integrity solution that reduces fuel consumption and pilot workload.
Tenders are invited for Amc For Flight Control Computer