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Based on codes from the flight control computer (FCC), my right AOA probe was inputting bad signals.
In addition to the two full tests of the flight controls, the pilots did partial checks 16 times out of 176 flights examined, the NTSB said.
Always check the clearance of the forward and aft rotors before the flight controls are moved from the centered position during maintenance.
"This kind of repair capability for critical F/A-18 flight control surfaces is unprecedented."
Had it continued, abrasions to the airframe would have continued and likely caused a separation or catastrophic failure of the flight controls. Fortunately, insufficient time had passed and only minor abrasion and surface corrosion had occurred where the plate was slipping.
Precision Flight Controls will be offering D-BOX's motion technology as an option for all new cockpit sales, as well as a retrofit option for units sold, giving their already 10,000 customer-base, comprised of Colleges, Universities, flight schools, governments as well as individual users, the opportunity to have the most accurate experience in flight simulation.
"The RSAF recognized the improved lifecycle costs that the USAF is realizing on its flight control surfaces as a result of this innovative technology," Marc Duvall, president of Goodrich Aerostructures, said in a statement.
New digital flight controls and displays make it apparent that this jet is not like the "muscle car" they flew previously.
"This gives vivid and dramatic proof for the need and effects of computerized flight controls on inherently unstable aircraft like the F-16," Cameron said.
Technical Services provides the primary engineering and development program support for all of Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of aerospace flight controls, aerospace utility actuation and defense vehicle actuation devices.

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