flight management computer

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flight management computer (FMC)

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A computer that is the heart of a flight management system, providing a centralized control for navigation and performance management. It obtains data from various navigational systems both ground based and on board aircraft. The system's position accuracy is constantly updated using conventional navigation aids. The complete flight plan is loaded into the computer before the flight. The computer calculates air position, fuel consumption, aircraft position, and expected time of arrival and aids crews in managing the flight from origin to destination.
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In this condition, pilots were required to enter all clearance information manually into the automated systems that control the aircraft (the flight management computer and the mode control panel).
"This is an important milestone for the flight test program." The airplane Performance Improvement Package (PIP) includes improvements to the GEnx-2B engines and Flight Management Computer (FMC) software.
While neither ATSB nor Emirates commented further, sources at MEL told ATWOnline that it appeared there was an input error to either the Less Paper Cockpit computer, which calculates takeoff speed, or the flight management computer, which calculates thrust settings.
Flight controls, the autopilot, pressurisation, avionics, air condition systems and the flight management computer also were checked during the flight.
The system is reportedly able to calculate a more exact time of arrival for aircraft, and air traffic controllers can use a data link to inform the aircraft's flight management computer of the correct approach path to use, enabling the speed and approach path to be adjusted accordingly.
RNP-SAAAR procedures use global positioning and inertial navigation reference systems to fly predetermined paths that have been loaded onto the aircraftOs flight management computer. Gulfstream received operational capability approval to fly RNP-SAAAR approaches to a minimum of RNP 0.3 in late 2007.
"It would appear very unlikely that power was removed from most of the essential systems, because you can't connect your autopilot if your flight management computers aren't operating.
They said flight management computers on the latest passenger aircraft do not process date data, and so would not be affected by Y2K problems.

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