flight management system

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flight management system (FMS)

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A computer system that forms an integrated, full-flight communications and information management system that provides automatic navigation, guidance, communications, and fuel management computation. The system aids crews by automating many routine tasks and manual computations and by providing them with useful information on managing a flight path from origin to destination. In flight, the pilot can couple the flight management system with an autopilot that allows the system to fly the aircraft and provide guidance via integrated roll-and-pitch commands. The system's position accuracy is constantly updated using conventional navigation aids. The system ensures that the most appropriate aids are selected automatically during the information-update cycle. Data are entered into the system using an alphanumeric keypad, and they are displayed on a cockpit-display unit. See also flight management computer.
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In addition to the KC-46, GEs flight management system is installed on more than 12,000 aircraft including Boeings 737-300 through 900ER models and BBJs, the U.
The company supplies integrated Flight Management Systems (FMS) and advanced GPS receivers for precision low carbon footprint navigation.
The Key players in Flight Management System (FMS) Market are Honeywell International Inc, Thales Group, General Electric, Esterline Technologies Corporation, Rockwell Collins, Universal Avionics and Jeppesen Inc.
USPRwire, Thu May 07 2015] Commercial Flight Management Systems Market - North America by Cockpit Architecture (VIA, WBA, NBA, and RTA), Hardware (FMC, CDU, and VDU) Forecast and Analysis to 2019
This support included a GATM performance assessment and a data chain certification of the Air Force Flight Management System (AFFMS) and the digital aeronautical flight information file (DAFIF) it uses.
Synthetic vision is an integrated solution and will rely on traditional subsystems similar to traffic alert collision avoidance (TCAS), ground proximity warning system (GPWS), flight management system (FMS) and displays to provide warning functions.
The solution will feature interactive touch-control displays and a proven Flight Management System to support Instrument Flight Rules flight in todays airspace.
GE Aviation's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified flight management system (FMS) software U13, will be the standard fit for all 737 production airplanes beginning with the 737 MAX entry into service in 2017 and will be available for in-service installation across 737 fleets.
The Future Generation avionics suite integrates Primary Flight Display (PFD), Multi-Function Display (MFD) information including charts, maps, airspace depiction with low and high vector routes, satellite weather, engine instruments, IGuard engine monitoring, electronic checklists and dual satellite base augmentation system (SBAS) GPS receivers in support of the Flight Management System with LPV approach capability.
The loopholes in the flight management system were detailed by Teso during a presentation to the Hack In The Box conference in Amsterdam.
GE Aviation's flight management system TrueCourse is providing the technology to enable Southwest Airlines' pilots to begin flying Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures at 11 airports, GE said on Wednesday.

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