flight standards district office

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flight standards district office (FSDO)

An FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) field office serving an assigned geographical area and staffed with flight standards personnel who serve the aviation industry and the general public on matters relating to the certification and operations of air carrier and general aviation aircraft.
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Normally, a Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) will start an investigation based on personal observation or a complaint from Air Rome Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs).
The agreement to participate was signed by the manager of the FAA's Washington, DC Flight Standards District Office, the chairman of the ALPA Master Executive Council representing Atlantic Coast Airlines' 1,300 pilots and the airline's president and chief operating officer.
If you see 337s or STCs in an aircraft's documentation, they are a testament that the modifications meet the standards of both the mechanic performing the work and the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) inspector.
I used this line of reasoning when taking my known ice definition question to the Rochester, N.Y., Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).
Preliminary information indicated no reason to suspect malfunction or negligence in this case, said Robert Braze, an inspector at the FAA's Portland Flight Standards District Office. "This appears to be an unfortunate incident," Braze said.
At the time of transition, I was an aviation safety inspector at a Flight Standards District Office and was charged with explaining the PTS to the examiners I supervised.
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