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flotation gear

i. Gear or apparatus—commonly inflatable bags, vest, rafts, and the like—carried aboard a vehicle to support the vehicle or persons if they are downed in water.
ii. A buoyant landing gear. Also called floats. See float gear.
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References in classic literature ?
For every sound that floats From the rust within their throats Is a groan.
On the other hand he did not previously dry the plants or branches with the fruit; and this, as we have seen, would have caused some of them to have floated much longer.
The bright figure of the child still floated on before me gliding low in the cloudless sky.
They had floated several miles down the stream and were enjoying the ride when suddenly the raft slowed up, stopped short, and then began to float back the way it had come.
He began by blowing--by means of his machinery and air-pumps--several large bubbles which he allowed to float upward into the sky, where the sunshine fell upon them and gave them iridescent hues that were most beautiful.
For nearly an hour the Nautilus floated in the midst of this shoal of molluscs.
Perry wanted me to get in and break some-thing over the bow as she floated out upon the bosom of the river, but I told him that I should feel safer on dry land until I saw which side up the Sari would float.
A few more yards, and my brains had floated with the spume.
THE rain trickled down his back, and for nearly an hour he stared at the float.
The buffalo made prodigious turmoil in the water, bellowing, and blowing, and floundering; and they all floated down the stream together.
And in each stage countless millions of other eggs were deposited in the warm pools of the various races and floated down to the great sea to go through a similar process of evolution outside the womb as develops our own young within; but in Caspak the scheme is much more inclusive, for it combines not only individual development but the evolution of species and genera.
But the ship was no good any more--with the big hole in the bottom; and presently the rough sea beat it to pieces on the rocks and the timbers floated away.