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(25) The tumors show uniform cytology of polygonal cells, with flocculent, vacuolated eosinophilic cytoplasm; scattered inclusions; fine chromatin; and inconspicuous nucleoli.
evaluated the dynamic damage and recovery process of flocculent structures and derived a high-precision time-varying hydraulic gradient model [8].
Typical images from one HAPE patient: (a) CXR before treatment: large flocculent infiltrates in the right lung; (b) CXR after treatment: pulmonary edema was entirely absorbed; (c) LUS before treatment: multiple B-lines; (d) LUS after treatment: normal image.
Surrounding the eggs, the inner silk layer consists of loose flocculent silk.
Construction of a flocculent Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain secreting high levels of Aspergillus niger beta- galactosidase.
NS2-Z###Yellow, flocculent and radial###Thick, light brown mycelia whose diameter was 8.6-23 m with branches,
There were numerous white flocculent substances on the surface of enzymatic hydrolysis cellulose fibers, which showed the enzymatic hydrolysis processes layer by layer on the fiber surface.
SPMP-2a is a white flocculent polysaccharide that is soluble in water, but not in ethanol, acetone, or other organic solvents.
The product was isolated by filtration and dried in vacuum at room temperature for 48 h to yield 95 g of a white flocculent solid.
Fluids with coagulum, purulent and flocculent specimens were excluded from study and the samples were collected in EDTA or plain tubes.
melaleucae nymphs secret waxy filaments that form highly visible flocculent masses on leaves (Purcell et al.
Sorbwater's solution uses a combination of high performance separation equipment and an innovative flocculent that is extracted from seaweed.