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The heavy rains resulted in some flash flooding and all the rivers in northern Illinois had levels that were 4 to 7 feet above flood stages.
For instance, I also learned that millpond dams are deadly at flood stage.
4 meters above flood stage, a level not seen since the Middle Ages.
4 feet, close to double the flood stage of 28 feet, water was flowing at 140,000 cubic feet per second, 178 times the normal rate.
While several hydrological based studies have quantified the role of wetland storage in reducing peak flood stage, albeit often with inconsistent results, and the cost effectiveness of impoundment storage programs to reduce flood damage has been made, no known studies evaluate the economic feasibility of restoring previously drained wetlands on a large scale in order to reduce flood damage.
New evacuation warnings were made yesterday for residents in three small towns and part of Abilene, where a creek swelled to 23 feet above flood stage.
The tabletop fountain craze is reaching flood stage.
A telegrapher in the second or third floor of the newspaper office in Johnstown had told the outside world he would stay on duty until the Conemaugh River rose 30 feet past its flood stage, at which time he would inform them of that depth, sign off, and get the hell out of there.
Cresting 10 to 30 feet above flood stage in places, the record-high flows scoured the countryside from Minnesota to Missouri.
Between 1950 and 1970, flood stage of 16 ft was exceeded six times and damages averaged $1.