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FLOODED ENGINE: A car | |stranded in St Helens IAN SIMMS (VIA FACEBOOK)
SCHOOL'S OUT J The waters deluge a school in Rosyth TRAFFIC FLOW J A swamped road in Burntisland, in Fife FLOODED ENGINE J Abandoned car in Possilpark, Glasgow VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE J Kids at the flooded river in Peebles.
"Presently we face enormous and immediate challenges in kicking over the flooded engine of the state s economy," Fraser said.
The vehicle, which still had its keys in the ignition, was empty except for a few shrimp in the back and a completely flooded engine. It was later impounded at a nearby police station.
I had visions of the starter rope breaking after being pulled thousands (okay, hundreds) of times trying to get the flooded engine running all because of an improper choke setting.
The MCA said today that a sheen of oil had been sighted coming from the Napoli, which is suspected to be waste oils from the flooded engine spaces.
When AA patrolman Martin Tibbetts got a call to attend a home-start, he was expecting a flat battery or flooded engine - but instead found a four-foot snake.
FLOODED ENGINE n Supercar PRIZE CATCH n Enzo is recovered GIVE US A WAVE J Before crash CRASH LANDED JTowed ashore OFF ROAD Ferrari crashes in ocean
FLOODED ENGINE: Water rises around the wagon; WHAT DO WE DO NOW?: Council workers by the overturned van
It had front end damage and a flooded engine, which police say happened as a result of it being driven through floodwater in Coventry Road.
All 26 crew left the ship, which has a hole in one side and a flooded engine, in a lifeboat.
The 38ft Warlock suffered a flooded engine and was going down at around 6pm last night.