floor anchor

base anchor

The metal piece attached to the base of a doorframe for the purpose of securing the frame to the floor; either fixed or adjustable.
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The equipment of special floor anchor cable drill was applied into the combined anchor of the floor.
The company says the RackCage is supplied flat-packed in panels for easy on site assembly, and is made up by: front double doors; 2 x side panels; 1 x back panel; top roof panel; set of 10- Nyloc assembly bolts and set of 3 - 10mm floor anchor bolts.
The system includes: SuperGlass' Pro Backboard; Slam-Dunk Precision 180 Goal; backboard and base padding; and floor anchor.
Studding, for example, has such a plethora of possible applications, its versatility makes it adaptable in solving many on-site installation problems from stand-off pillars to hanging ceilings, extending floor anchors or for chemical fixings - such as epoxy embedding in fragile substrates.
AMS Acquisitions announced the purchase of 86 Main Street, a six story 70,072 s/f Class A office building in downtown Yonkers with retail on the ground floor anchored by Citibank for $9.5 million.
Compatible with automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), both rack systems feature all-welded steel construction, welded load bearing plates with floor anchors, structural channel columns and load beams for enhanced strength over roll-form style racking.
"The larger, thicker footplates not only spread the load across a larger floor area, but they will resist tearing or bending to a much greater extent, and offer a larger area in which to place required floor anchors," says Weiker Kline, senior product manager for Penco Products.
This End Up's "Safe and Tough" line includes features with similar goals in mind, such as rounded corners and edges, slope-top wardrobes, recessed drawers, and floor anchors. "It's designed for critically ill patients who also may be violent," notes Costin.
Meanwhile, the new colour scheme for the main hall at Etone Sports Centre will include recommendations from the Badminton Association of England regarding visibility, while improvements in the layout of the floor anchors for the single gymnastic high bar will improve gymnastic activity.
The straps have floor anchors that insert into anchor tracks or other floor-mounted brackets.