floor area

gross floor area

The area within the perimeter of the outside walls of a building as measured from the inside surface of the exterior walls, with no deduction for hallways, stairs, closets, thickness of walls, columns, or other interior features; used in determining the required number of exits or in determining occupancy classification. Also see net floor area.
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Implementation of the ongoing maintenance and basic cleaning for the following buildings: karl-eychmller sports park: floor area = 4457 m 2 , uli wieland school (school building) area = 2,939 m 2 , uli-wieland school (gym): floor area = 1175 m 2 , gym elementary school vhringen north: floor area = 600 m 2 , noon care / hort elementary school vhringen north: area = 713 m 2 , multipurpose hall illerberg: area = 829 m 2 , cultural center wolfgang-eychmller house: area = 1,865 m 2 .
9% or PS9,600 on to the value of a home in the UK, while increasing the floor area by 10% could add another PS10,000, or 5.
Pimentel said he would be bringing a tape measure so he could measure the floor area as conflicting figures came out during the hearings.
But building owners currently face height and floor area restrictions that can stand in the way of adding energy-saving features on building exteriors.
SM Prime president Hans Sy told shareholders the proposed mall will be located in Tianjin, which is about half an hour by high-speed train from Beijing, and will have a gross floor area of 530,000 square meters.
A 20% markup in floor area ratio will be provided to green buildings or buildings featuring anti-earthquake function, the adoption of green materials, barrier-free environment, or energy- or water-conservation.
They will be 647 square feet in floor area and are to be constructed on columns.
Prices start from 249,000 euros for a two-bedroom villa with a floor area of 108 sq m, including a selfcontained lower ground floor.
Suite 1 is openplan and has a net internal floor area of 1,169 sq ft at a rental of pounds 10,640 per annum.
Designed by Nikken Sekkei and constructed by Kajima Corporation, the building has a gross floor area of 47,308 [m.
Development rights are the right, established by New York's Zoning Resolution, to develop a parcel of land with a certain amount of floor area and, sometimes, dwelling units.