floor area

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gross floor area

The area within the perimeter of the outside walls of a building as measured from the inside surface of the exterior walls, with no deduction for hallways, stairs, closets, thickness of walls, columns, or other interior features; used in determining the required number of exits or in determining occupancy classification. Also see net floor area.
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The proposed development also provides for a community facility extending to 176 sqm gross floor area and a creche building with a gross floor area of 378 sqm gross floor area, which will replace previously granted creche and commercial units at the location.
The resolution adjusted the minimum gross floor area of a single detached, duplex or row house at 32 sqm.
For 2019, it plans to complete four more residential buildings with a gross floor area of 134,000 square meters and an office tower with a gross floor area of approximately 95,000 sq m.
i Condominiums with total floor area bigger than 20,000 square meters
Based on average house prices, Nationwide Building Society calculated that an extra bathroom could add 4.9% or PS9,600 on to the value of a home in the UK, while increasing the floor area by 10% could add another PS10,000, or 5.1%, on to its worth.
The total floor area of these buildings is almost 1.8 million square metres or almost 18% less than the total floor area of buildings completed in 2011.
But building owners currently face height and floor area restrictions that can stand in the way of adding energy-saving features on building exteriors.
A 20% markup in floor area ratio will be provided to green buildings or buildings featuring anti-earthquake function, the adoption of green materials, barrier-free environment, or energy- or water-conservation.
They will be 647 square feet in floor area and are to be constructed on columns.
Suite 1 is openplan and has a net internal floor area of 1,169 sq ft at a rental of pounds 10,640 per annum.
The total gross floor area will be 82,451 [m.sup.2] with 2,785 [m.sup.2] rentable area per standard floor.