floor decking

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decking, 1
1. The thick boards or planks used as structure flooring, usually for long spans between joists or for heavy service; also called planking.
2. Light-gauge sheets of metal which are ribbed, fluted, or otherwise integrally stiffened for use in constructing a floor or roof.
3. See roof decking.
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I might put $1,000 in the bid for floor decking, only to have an adjuster assure me it can be done for $600.
The floor decking was transverse 25- by 102-mm Douglas-fir boards fastened by 51-mm dry wall screws.
there is no separate wearing surface of wood or asphalt over the floor decking.
This warranty covers payment to put right major damage caused either by a defect in the load-bearing structure or ground movement, malfunctions to underground drainage, damage to external rendering, tiling and slates, floor decking and screeds, and defect in chimneys or flues causing a danger to the health and safety of occupants.
Other responsibilities include providing and installing rigging for support trusses for lighting and other equipment, a bandstand platform, floor decking over concealed telephone and electric lines, seating risers, seating and carpeting, additional air conditioning units and coordination of all other onsite construction activities such as telephone, audio/sound and media-related contractors.
He attended Home and Garden shows and did some research on the internet but was unable to find what he thought was a good surface for his elevated outdoor floor decking.