floor fill

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1. A fine mineral aggregate used as an extender to improve the properties of coating asphalt and plastic asphalt cement.
2. Finely divided inert material (such as pulverized limestone, silica, or colloidal substances) sometimes added to portland cement paint or other materials to reduce shrinkage, improve workability, or act as an extender.
3. A pigmented paste, sometimes colored, rubbed into open-grained wood surfaces to fill the pores prior to finishing.
4. An inert material added to synthetic resin adhesives to improve their properties or reduce cost.
5. A plate which is inserted merely to fill up space; a filler plate.
6. In painting, a composition (often pigmented) used to fill pores or irregularities in a surface in preparation for the application of another coating.
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The hotelier's plans will see the ground floor filled with restaurants and other attractions - alongside the existing shops.
The site will focus on functional training and group exercise with a spacious gym floor filled with state of the art equipment as well as a hydrotherapy pool, a training pool and a six lane 25 metre pool.
How does he manage to keep a cool head on a floor filled with competitive athletes, especially when a heated argument breaks out?
"Be it ladies' night or your regular club night, my golden rule is to play songs that get the girls moving, as once you have the floor filled with women the men follow."
"Here''s thi money," said the chap and put down a milking pail on the showroom floor filled with pound notes, ten bob notes, plus lots of coins.
The family managed to escape as the first floor filled with flames and smoke.
Once the clientele had got over their initial shock, presumably assuming that we were undercover policewomen, they got on with it and the floor filled up.
And at dedicated dance nights at the weekend, it was old and new classics that kept the dance floor filled. Now it's mainly commercial dance music in the main club with a solid diet of retro classics upstairs.