floor molding

base shoe, base shoe molding, floor molding, shoe molding, carpet strip

A molding used next to the floor on interior baseboard.
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If you are there putting trim molding on the ceiling, check out the condition of the floor molding.
In the photograph it is clear that Fool Bull is not carrying a bow and arrow, but rather a quirt cut from a piece of floor molding.
The expansion consisted of a new automated nobake line capable of handling much larger castings and a new floor molding area to handle even bigger parts (up to 12.
Also includes remove and properly discard existing VCT tile, remove wood floor molding and properly discard, remove and save exterior doorway threshold, prep floor for new VCT tile, install new 12" x 12" VCT flooring, install new 4 base molding, install new thresholds in doorways where VCT butts, see outside link.
In addition to the process benefits, the reclamation system at Harrison Steel reduces the amount of new sand the company must buy for its automated and floor molding lines.
Furnishings, fixtures and equipment such as office and clubhouse furniture, indoor sports courts, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, alarms, antenna systems and floor molding are eligible for 7-year depreciation.
Ball pours brass, bronze and aluminum castings on jolt-squeeze, roto-lift and floor molding lines, serving customers primarily in the pumps and plumbing, industrial machinery, housing, and energy markets.
Its other casting operations will remain running in the Mapleton plant, and new equipment has been installed in a couple of lines, including its floor molding sector, which casts parts for the strong wind energy market.