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1. An early system on the IBM 701.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959)].
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(FLoating point Operations Per Second) The measurement of floating point calculations. For example, 100 megaFLOPS (MFLOPS) is 100 million floating point operations per second. See IOPS, instructions per second and space/time.

Name         Number of FLOPS

  megaFLOPS    million

  teraFLOPS    trillion

  petaFLOPS    quadrillion

  exaFLOPS     quintillion
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a Self-absorbing Dan McNeil -- the Lake Calumet belly flopper holding down afternoons on WSCR-AM (670) -- got yet another excellent downtown writer to bite on a tedious recitation of his excessively public twilight zones.
He also has a reputation among opponents for being a flopper.
I've created generations of Magikarp over the last couple of days, trying to create the ultimate flopper and beat all eight leagues.
A funeral for Tommy, known to friends as "Flopper," will be held at St Francis of Assisi Church in Mossley Hill, next Wednesday.
South African all-rounder Francois Flopper was the visitors' hero, removing Dartmouth's first four batsmen for a combined haul of 16 and then steering them past their 162 target with a nerveless 31 not out.
Flopper - Stars for blending after grinding and for removal of light surface imperfections, machining marks and coatings.
We were lucky with Flopper,our vet Margaret Williams from Glantwymyn was promptly on hand with injections to ease the spasms.
Less a die-hard Republican than a political flip flopper, Willis definitely tends to lean right.
The incumbent's own party had just launched an attack portraying the Massachusetts senator as a flip flopper, months before he formally accepted the party's nomination.
Like tonight, I got a tech for saying, `He's a flopper.'"