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A Fortran coding convention checker. A later version can generate HTML.

See also Flow.

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Tape drives: Although tape remains one of the least expensive storage mediums--costing as little as a tenth of a cent per megabyte of stored data--it's frustratingly slow compared with hard disks or floppies.
The thing about the new drives that has the industry so excited is that they can use the cheap old 3-1/2-inch floppies - which average about 50 cents each - just as easily as they can use the significantly more expensive newfangled floppies, which will be sold at an initial retail price of $19.
Media; Storage Devices Expected To Replace Many Floppies And Zip
Imagine swapping such disks when playing games, and installation proved to be a pain when you have seven, nay, eight of these floppies to go through.
The most popular application by far is word processing, and floppies are an ideal transportable medium for transferring documents from one computer to another.