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(programming, tool)
A Fortran coding convention checker. A later version can generate HTML.

See also Flow.

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Moddnstine, an enterprising hacker who decided to upgrade his ancient Aptiva case with a modern system - and hacked a floppy drive to create a 128GB storage pool as well.
A floppy disk is just a save button, and no one knows about CD or DVD drivers
Some 98 per cent of PCs and laptops sold by PC World no longer have in-built floppy disk drives, with that figure expected to hit 100 per cent by the summer.
The company said only 2% of the PCs and laptops it sells at present include a floppy disk drive and confirmed these will be phased out by this summer.
Viruses can reach a computer in many ways, such as through files downloaded from the internet, e-mail attachments, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, etc.
Dell Computer recently announced it would stop making floppy disk drives standard equipment on its higher-end desktop personal computers.
It's been around for 16 years, but the lowly floppy with its measly 1.
Then I pulled the DiskOnKey out of my laptop's USB port and inserted it into the USB port on my wife's laptop, which has a floppy drive.
The 0[degrees] telescopy showed a floppy polyp arising from the anterior end of the right middle turbinate and obstructing the middle meatus.
The San Jose, California Electro-Mechanics division of Samsung Electronics Co is the latest entrant into the replacement floppy disk market, and last week previewed its Pro-FD 123Mb floppy drive.
Computer technology can lend a hand in determining what information is pertinent, what software can meet your needs, and whether these programs are available only for the Windows operating system and come only on floppy disks.
These insert into a floppy drive and cannot be removed without a key.