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The leading flotation range covers single equipment to the entire flotation offering, including all auxiliary equipment, such as tanks, pumps, piping, blowers and similar.
Originally, in the 1950s, flotation tanks were used to explore and experiment with consciousness.
The sensitivity of direct faecal examination, direct faecal flotation, modified centrifugal faecal flotation and centrifugal sedimentation/flotation in the diagnosis of canine spirocercosis.
Equipment included XFG flotation machine, XPS, pH meter, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, rotary vane vacuum filter, and electric thermostat blast oven.
end of September, thanks to the flotation of the pound in November 2016.
| Are the members of the management team prepared for the greater disclosure, openness and accountability that investors and the market require following a flotation? | Is the management team ready to invest the time and effort to get the company in shape for a flotation?
The batch flotation tests were conducted in Denver flotation cell.
In sulfide mineral flotation, Polymers have been used as potential candidates to replace hazardous reagents.
Cairo: Textbooks are the latest casualty of Egypt's recent flotation of its battered currency.
Single mineral flotation tests are widely used as a reference in flotation separation research to investigate the floatability of minerals for evaluating actual ore flotation methods [1, 2].