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a small fleet or a fleet of small vessels
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(1) An operational unit in the navy of many states that is charged with carrying out a mission in a designated area of a sea, river, or lake. A flotilla consists of formations of ships and aircraft, units of marines, and units of services that maintain its military readiness and routine functioning. Missions of flotillas are executed independently or in conjunction with formations and units of other military forces (combat arms).

(2) A tactical formation in the navy of several foreign states (USA, Great Britain, France, and others) consisting of two or more squadrons or divisions of submarines, destroyers, rocket launches or torpedo boats, minesweepers, and other ships and boats.

(3) An operational unit of strategic atomic-powered missile-carrying submarines of some states (French Navy, for example).

(4) A formation of fishing, expeditionary, or sporting boats, such as the antarctic whaling flotilla Slava.

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Ghattas has managed to spark huge controversy by making public hisintention to join other public figures and international activists on the Freedom Flotilla, a collection of boats travelling to Gaza in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.
A GROUP of human rights organisations says it is organising a flotilla of vessels that will attempt to breach Israel's blockade of Gaza later this year.
In Jerusalem, Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said in a television interview that future flotillas would be stopped for security reasons and because "they want to create a provocation and challenge Israel's sovereignty in the region".
Israeli flotilla plotters said on Thursday they aim to dispatch flotillas with two goals in mind; firstly to confront future Gaza-bound flotillas, and secondly to highlight Turkey's hypocrisy, since it too is an occupying power, had introduced embargoes and oppressed minorities.
AUBURN - Spencer resident Roger Picard, a past commander of the Auburn Flotilla of the U.S.
In the 1995 flotilla to Moruroa - the French nuclear test site in the Pacific - 14 of the boats came from New Zealand.
"Ten years after the disengagement rockets are fired at our children from [the evacuated settlements of] Gush Katif, tunnels are dug towards our communities from Gaza and terror flotillas are sent to our shores from Turkey...we evacuated Jews and got flotillas in return."
Gaza's Prime Minister, Ismail Hanieh, condemned what he called "Israeli piracy" and urged other flotillas to attempt to break the Israeli blockade "so Gaza can have freedom of movement to the outside world." An aid flotilla is scheduled to depart for Gaza in the third week of June, about a year after Israeli forces raided a similar flotilla and killed nine people on a Turkish boat, the Mavi Marmara.
to prevent new aid convoys and flotillas from heading to Gaza, he pointed out.
"The previous flotillas of warships were sent to the Mediterranean Sea and passed the Suez Channel and even sailed through the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea," Commander of the Navy's Fourth Naval Zone Admiral Afshin Rezayee told FNA on Tuesday.
Sayyari said that in the current Iranian year which started on March 21, the Navy will send more flotillas of warships to farther waters and oceans to display Iran's greatness and its military power to the world.
Barak urged Neeman to bring the matter to the cabinet for approval in the near future.The proposal is aimed at deterring future flotillas to the Strip.