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see flatfishflatfish,
common name for any member of the unique and widespread order Pleuronectiformes containing over 500 species (including the flounder, halibut, plaice, sole, and turbot), 130 of which are American.
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(Pleuronectes [or Platichthys] flesus luscus, a fish of the flounder family; a subspecies of the fluke. Its body length reaches 30 cm; in some estuaries a dwarf form is found. It is widespread in the Black and Azov seas and sometimes frequents the estuaries and lower reaches of rivers. It achieves sexual maturity in the third year of life and casts its roe from the end of January to the middle of March; the spawn may be as large as 1 million eggs. It feeds on benthic invertebrates—mollusks, crustaceans, and worms—and small fishes. It is of minor commercial importance and is caught mainly in the Sea of Azov.

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(vertebrate zoology)
Any of a number of flatfishes in the families Pleuronectidae and Bothidae of the order Pleuronectiformes.
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1. a European flatfish, Platichthys flesus having a greyish-brown body covered with prickly scales: family Pleuronectidae: an important food fish
2. US and Canadian any flatfish of the families Bothidae (turbot, etc.) and Pleuronectidae (plaice, halibut, sand dab, etc.)
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Reefs are not the only options for catching flounder. Almost any area that has a soft bottom and a gentle slope to deeper water can be productive.
There are some nice flounder in the Tyne - Tommy Tate took the longest at 40cm in the "One that got away", won by Gareth Gardiner with 12 fish for 311cm.
Coastal populations of winter flounder spawn demersal eggs inside estuaries during the winter and early spring (Pearcy, 1962).
Winners in zone 2 were Gwent SAC member Neil Evans with a 38cm flounder and Kevin Hughes with a total catch that measured up to 101cm.
There are 3 recent collections of Kamchatka Flounder from the Gulf of Alaska in the University of Washington Fish Collection (UW 111528, 410 mm SL, off the Sanak Islands; UW 119477, 280 mm SL, near the Shumagin Islands; and UW 112900, 560 mm SL, off the Alexander Archipelago).
First of all, the increase in state commercial limits was a result of the two determining federal fisheries authorities -- the New England Fishery Management Council and NOAA Fisheries -- concluding that winter flounder stock mortality was well below the threshold.
(2008) reported that juvenile olive flounder averaging 10 g subjected to 8.5[degrees]C for 10 days followed by rearing at 22[degrees]C for the next 30 days achieved full compensatory growth and concluded that a short period of low temperature exposure might not affect the annual growth of fish.
While Hanlon and others have documented two other species of octopuses imitating flounder in Indonesian waters, this is the first report of flounder mimicry by an Atlantic octopus, and only the fourth convincing case of mimicry for cephalopods.
This Sunday the action switches to Arbroath, with the Scottish Open Flounder Championships.
At the top of the list, in addition to flounder, there are sole, turbot, and halibut.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 16, 2006 - (JCN) - The Fisheries Research Agency (FRA) has developed a method of tracing released flounders using a DNA labeling technique.