flow factor

flow cone

A device for measuring grout consistency; after a predetermined volume of grout is permitted to flow through an orifice of known size, the time of efflux (called the flow factor) is an indication of the consistency.
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Finally, a hierarchical model consisting of one global flow factor and nine first-order factors, which suggests that there are nine dimensions influenced by a single underlying process, was postulated and tested (Moneta, 2012), as well as a nine factor model that proposes flow as nine separate dimensions with no underlying global process.
A flow factor is provided to convert frequency to volume flow rate for each model size.
Research undertaken by the IPPR suggests that family ties, lifestyle, overseas adventure and work are the main flow factor for leaving Britain.
During bubbling fluidization, the cross flow factor method was used effectively to predict the influence of bubble phase on drying rates.
High dielectric strength and flow factor make it useful in electrical applications.
In the pressure systems, the Hazen Williams flow factor (C) is often used in computations to calculate head loss due to friction.
917 Exhibit 4: Present Value Adjusted for Uncertainty for Asset F Probability- adjusted Discount Present Cash flow Probability cash flow factor 6% value Year 1 $ 8,000 0.
Confirmatory factor analysis supported the nine scales and a hierarchical model in which one global flow factor explained correlations between the nine FSS factors.