flow restrictor

restrictor valve

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A valve that restricts the flow of fluids in either direction. It is normally used to slow down the speeds of jacks, etc. Also called a flow restrictor.
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For the inner sensor, the combination of the "PUSH" actuation and the flow restrictor generates higher levels of pressure for the positive peaks and a slower pressure decay while the piezoelectric bender is held in the "PUSH" position: the infusion of insulin is more difficult and slower.
Those new bottles use a small device called a flow restrictor to reduce how much medication can be extracted from the bottle.
Using a type of adapter called a flow restrictor on liquid medication bottles could help prevent poisoning among children, according to federal health officials.
The additional, easily fitted and removed flow restrictor reduces water consumption in high-pressure systems from 18.5 litres to just 8 litres with no loss of flow," she said.
The resulting technology comprises a set of 100mm-diameter metal gullies fitted with flow restrictors. These devices comprise a clamp with adaptor that can house a 10-50mm flow restrictor, and are fitted with a removal handle and vent pressure pipe with protector.
A flow restrictor is configured within the flow channel to urge the flow of material toward the lateral extremities of the flow channel to thereby form an extruded component at the flow outlet having a lateral width which is greater than the lateral width of the flow inlet of the preformer.
The top two winners in the graduate division were Geyser Flow Control, a water flow restrictor for irrigation systems, and MASH Tool USA, a demolition tool, both from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.
Some products currently integrating porous metal include various implantable devices, filters to prevent plugging of catheters, drug delivery devices, medical instrumentation, various test filters, bacteria filters, sparging devices for cell culture processing and gas flow restrictor devices for gas delivery in life-critical systems.
The top of the bottle has a plastic flow restrictor (a round plastic disc with small hole for the syringe) to help prevent parents from accidentally overdosing.
He goes on to add that the packaging and dosage form for the infant products will change as well, shifting from "the current concentrated acetaminophen with a regular child-resistant cap and bottles with droppers to a new bottle with a flow restrictor and a syringe."
Currently available as 600-mL, 1:1-ratio cartridges, in polypropylene or nylon, the Q Series is easy to open and close, fits all common industry dispensers, has a sturdy construction, and is pressure-tested for safe operation, the company says, adding that Q Series 600-mL cartridges have an optional flow restrictor for low-viscosity materials to help eliminate backflow and leakage.
After a second takeoff attempt revealed a similar power loss, the pump was removed, revealing the bypass valve assembly had dislodged from the pump body and acted as a flow restrictor. Parker Hannifin p/n 2B6-64.