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However, whereas wet natural gas flow meter field data has its place in R&D projects it can not replace the service of the wet gas flow test facilities.
TSX-V: TAO) (OTCQX: TAOIF), a Canadian-based production and exploration company with operations focused exclusively in New Zealand, has announced that a four-point Isochronal flow test was completed over the main discovery zone in the Sidewinder-2 discovery well.
A second, higher rate flow test is planned within the next 30 days to provide additional data that will be used for reservoir analysis.
Patients and methods 135 patients with newly detected leprosy at the reference service in Sanitary Dermatology in Brazil had slit skin smears (registered as bacillary index--BI) and an ML Flow test (registered qualitatively and semi-quantitatively) performed at admission.
Both test methods are said to offer variations of the standard melt flow test, including Method A and Method B.
The recent flow tests at Waitsia-3 (50 MMscf/d) and Waitsia-2 (39 MMscf/d) were exceptional and we are aiming to flow test Waitsia-4 before the end of November.
You want a variety of tests done in sequence such as a pressure decay followed by a series of flow tests in different ranges?
completes initial flow test of Sidewinder-3 discovery well(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Objective To evaluate the use of the ML Flow test as an additional, serological, tool for the classification of new leprosy patients.
We will look at three parts which have been tested; the first with a flow test, the second with a pressure test and the third with an optical test.
The basic property measured by the melt flow test is the melt viscosity or flow resistance of the polymer at a particular shear stress (related to the applied load) and temperature.