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An instrument used to measure pressure, flow rate, and discharge rate of a liquid, vapor, or gas flowing in a pipe. Also known as fluid meter.
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flow meter

A device that measures the movement of liquid in a pipe. "Invasive" flow meters are coupled into the pipe and derive the flow rate from the rotation of a turbine or paddle wheel that is moved by the liquid.

"Non-invasive" meters use two ultrasonic transducers that clamp on the outside of the pipe at a prescribed distance from each other based on the pipe's composition and diameter. They derive the flow rate based on the transit time of ultrasonic pulses sent from transmitter to receiver. In liquids with high solid or gaseous content, rather than measuring transit time, the amount of frequency shift is detected (see Doppler effect).
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Volume X is the result of a full year of research, and displays in one glance a comparison of the revenues, units sold, and compound annual growth rate for all the main types of flowmeters. Growth factors and limiting factors for each flowmeter type explain the rationale of the market forecasts and what can be expected over the next five years.
now offers a HART protocol option on all of its variable area and piston style flowmeters designed to perform in challenging lubrication environments.
Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters might seem at first glance like the world's most perfect flowmeter.
The nozzle-type flowmeter has advantages over other types of differential pressure flowmeters because they can be used for measuring a wide range of flow rates with high accuracy through combinations of various sizes of nozzles and their pressure drops are relatively small.
Yokogawa will sell CiDRA's SONARtracA range of flowmeters in the Southeast Asian markets of Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia; the Middle Eastern markets of Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE; and the Republic of Korea.
* The two-beam ultrasonic flowmeter is capable of handling high flow rates of superheated steam, making it suitable for power plant boiler and plant efficiency monitoring, energy balancing, and inter-company steam billing.
With analysis of the related references, we found that (1) the ultrasonic flowmeter uses double-path and multi-path measurement generally [13, 14]; the shortcomings can be listed as follows: on one hand the complex pipe structure requires higher accuracy of installation; on the other hand the use of multiple ultrasonic transducers will increase the costs; (2) few researches have been done for the fluid with low Reynolds number in the single-path ultrasonic flowmeter.
Battery-Powered CoolPoint Vortex Shedding flowmeters measure water-add on mixer or volumetric trucks, along with water pumped into evaporation ponds.
Sensors and coriolis mass flowmeter transmitters are used to measure the twist and generate a linear flow signal.
The 0PTIMASS 1000 Coriolis mass flowmeter is designed with a close-coupled twin tube configuration with an optimized flow splitter, manufactured to be highly durable and capable of handling flow rates, even in the face of pressure fluctuations.
In particular, for every flowmeter the following tasks should be accomplished: verification of conditions (constraints) for application of the pressure differential method according to the requirements of new standards; calculation of parameters of primary device, pipe straight lengths and flowmeter in general according to the requirements of new standards; calculation of uncertainty of results of fluid flowrate and volume measurement.