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An instrument used to measure pressure, flow rate, and discharge rate of a liquid, vapor, or gas flowing in a pipe. Also known as fluid meter.
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flow meter

A device that measures the movement of liquid in a pipe. "Invasive" flow meters are coupled into the pipe and derive the flow rate from the rotation of a turbine or paddle wheel that is moved by the liquid.

"Non-invasive" meters use two ultrasonic transducers that clamp on the outside of the pipe at a prescribed distance from each other based on the pipe's composition and diameter. They derive the flow rate based on the transit time of ultrasonic pulses sent from transmitter to receiver. In liquids with high solid or gaseous content, rather than measuring transit time, the amount of frequency shift is detected (see Doppler effect).
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However, teeth that have temporarily or permanently lost sensory function due to trauma may not respond to sensibility testing despite the presence of an intact vasculature.4 Direct measurement of pulpal blood flow (PBF) provides the most accurate and reliable assessment of pulp status.5 Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) is a well-documented, non-invasive technique that provides direct, objective measurements of blood circulation.
Moreover, mean arterial pressure measured during microvascular flowmetry (MAP-F) was higher in hypertensive patients than in normotensive controls, both before and after sildenafil administration.
The study outlined key steps in their processing methods - including image filtering, motion detection, and masking - that brought photoacoustic flowmetry an important step closer to clinical applicability, according to the journal editor, Andreas Mandelis.
Laser Doppler flowmetry monitoring of the local cerebral blood flow demonstrated that inducing ischemia diminished the blood flow to less than 20% of the baseline throughout the 45 minutes' MCAO in all the groups, whereas the blood flow did not change in the sham-operated group (figure 1).
Then, laser speckle flowmetry was used to determine the blood flow of the lower extremities of the rats in each group.
Skin scores and recently more sensitive tools including laser Doppler flowmetry, Doppler US, and MRI have been used for evaluation and monitoring of the lesions [29].
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