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He also flubbed a 10-footer for birdie on the last hole and missed joining Tabuena at the helm.
He flubbed one chip behind the eighth green on his way to double bogey and a 41 on the front nine.
Given the fact that staffers of this well-loved but incredibly low-budget series were rumored to go through residential neighborhoods' trash bins to find props and costumes, it should be no wonder that the odd flubbed line or stray microphone hanging in the shot would not be sufficient justification for a costly retake.
The Bush administration, having flubbed the emergency efforts, is now being called upon to deal with the complicated issue of a large mass of dislocated people.
Like its competitors, the Post initially flubbed the story, writing meaningless puff, but Grozier quickly became suspicious of the popular Ponzi.
Cate Blanchett, who also comically copped to being a little tipsy when she flubbed the opening, of her speech, lauded her pal Kidman for being "brave" as an actress.
Saturday Night Live comic Dana Carvey said he sued the surgeon after a flubbed cardiac surgery that could have cost him his life because his physician refused to apologize for the mistake.
By the time the last number was called, the tension was so high that the winner flubbed the shout and, instead of "Beano," cried out "Bingo!" And the legend began.
And pity the poor test publisher (pretty much all of them, at this point) who flubbed a count and mistakenly marked thousands of kids as sub par, performance wise.
After 4 years of relentless pursuit through the solar system, including a flubbed embrace a year ago (SN: 1/2/99, p.
He'd flubbed deliberately to show me how well this new line of 2.5-inch external HDDs survives real-world shocks.