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We consider two unique features of psychological effects as car-specific properties in running cars: boundary effects and fluctuation, and define six kinds of car running types based on the effects.
Therefore, for the example planetary gear with in-phase planets, parametric instability does not occur in the vicinity of [[omega].sub.2] + [[omega].sub.3] and [[omega].sub.3] + [[omega].sub.5] without considering speed fluctuation, as shown in Figure 5.
The embryos were investigated for the morphological changes 5 minutes and 60 minutes after exposition to the pressure fluctuations.
Figure 4(f) also shows fluctuation type 6, which demonstrates an approximately even distribution of [delta] on i around the middle line (at y = 0), but with a pronounced single fluctuation within one of the internal walls, namely the 6th wall.
Before changing their job, manufacturing and manual workers take into account the distance to work, how demanding the job is and the working environment.While fluctuation is generally perceived as a negative factor, it has its upsides, without which the company begins to stagnate.
This column requires fluctuations in each data to be monitored for a considerable time period.
The reduced influence of PMD in highlands compared to semi-arid environments could be attributed to the small fluctuation in RH range, of 2.3% that was recorded, compared to 5% that was recorded in semi-arid areas.
In this paper, a method of restraining the demand side power fluctuation of ADN using 0[degrees]/180[degrees] phase controlled ES is proposed.
Chattopadhyay et al., "Non-statistical fluctuation of compound multiplicity in nucleus-nucleus interactions: evidence of strong intermittency," Chinese Physics Letters, vol.
(1) by the summation over the simultaneous fluctuations within the spherical shell (since the quantum minimal energy is a spatially localized object, and the t-sliced spherical shell, a R(t)-spherical subset of simultaneous cosmological points pertaining to a t-sliced hypersurface of simultaneity, is full of cosmological substratum), where k denotes a partition, k fundamental fluctuating pieces of the simultaneous spacelike spherical shell within a t-sliced hypersurface.
Out of this, we successfully formulated the most flexible and effective index rules based on a thorough review of the implications of Active and Non-active stocks represented on the General Index and the current fluctuation bands.