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(flü`gəlhôrn'), three-valved brass instrument similar in size and shape to the trumpettrumpet,
brass wind musical instrument of part cylindrical, part conical bore, in the shape of a flattened loop and having three piston valves to regulate the pitch. Its origin is ancient; records of a type of simple valveless trumpet are found in China from as early as 2000 B.C.
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 but having a conical rather than a cylindrical bore and possessing a larger bell. Because of these differences the tone of the flügelhorn is mellower than that of the trumpet. It is used traditionally in concert bands and has recently been used in jazz ensembles.



a wind instrument with a mouthpiece. The term “flügelhorn” was originally applied to various instruments in the bugle family but later came to refer only to the soprano bugle. The flügelhorn is distinguished from other instruments in the family by its wider bore; it may also be made with a narrower bore, closer in diameter to that of a cornet. The range and notation are the same as those of a soprano cornet; the key is B flat or, less frequently, C. The flügelhorn appeared circa 1825 in Austria.


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I think it's brilliant to play an alto's aria with flugelhorn because that instrument sounds like a human alto
Markus plays the flugelhorn, the silver trumpet and the piccolo trumpet; Tara the clarinet, bass clarinet and the basset horn.
On several cuts, the band's sound is augmented by the contributions of Wayne Bergeron on trumpet, Valerie Ponomarev on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Isaac Smith on trombone.
When author and renowned flugelhorn soloist Richard Sudhalter set out in 2000 to write a book about jazz legend Hoagy Carmichael, he hit the Internet for archived recordings and came upon an unlikely source: Indiana University.
But after going on a diet, he shed 7st 7lb and achieved his greatest ambition to play a solo on an 18-inch flugelhorn.
For their critically-acclaimed album Deserter's Songs featured everything from a bowed saw to a flugelhorn.
Highlights include Evans' arrangements for 19-piece orchestra and flugelhorn on ``Miles Ahead,'' the delicious countermelodies devised for the ``Porgy and Bess'' suite, and Davis' endlessly dramatic soloing on ``Sketches of Spain.
He wields trumpet and flugelhorn with unnerving agility, and can go through an entire set without repeating a phrase--no mean feat.
On Uptownship, Masekela demonstrates his versatility and thoroughly entertains with his mastery of the cornet, flugelhorn and percussions.
The 33-year-old flugelhorn player spent her early childhood in Bahrain, but moved to the UK when she was nine and is looking forward to showcasing her talents - and making her father proud.
The two outer movements of John McCabe's concerto La Primavera bustle with energy, powered by jazzy percussion, while the middle section has Desbruslais playing a romantic flugelhorn solo.
John, born in 1926, was Tom's son and joined the Cory Band in 1937, playing cornet before moving to flugelhorn and then first horn.