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Logic Maths a condition that imposes a constraint on the possible values of a variable or on the domain of arguments of a function
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a limitation on production, sales, and export imposed by monopolies—especially international cartels—to inflate prices and obtain monopoly profits. Restrictions can also be imposed on credit.

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What does it mean when you dream about a restriction?

Any form of restriction in a dream often mirrors some frustration in the dreamer’s personal or business life. The dreamer may be imposing restrictions on himself or herself as well as on others.

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(cell and molecular biology)
The degradation of foreign deoxyribonucleic acid by restriction endonucleases capable of recognizing particular patterns of specificity.
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On land, an encumbrance limiting its use; usually imposed for community or mutual protection.
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A bug or design error that limits a program's capabilities, and which is sufficiently egregious that nobody can quite work up enough nerve to describe it as a feature. Often used (especially by marketroid types) to make it sound as though some crippling bogosity had been intended by the designers all along, or was forced upon them by arcane technical constraints of a nature no mere user could possibly comprehend (these claims are almost invariably false).

Old-time hacker Joseph M. Newcomer advises that whenever choosing a quantifiable but arbitrary restriction, you should make it either a power of 2 or a power of 2 minus 1. If you impose a limit of 17 items in a list, everyone will know it is a random number - on the other hand, a limit of 15 or 16 suggests some deep reason (involving 0- or 1-based indexing in binary) and you will get less flamage for it. Limits which are round numbers in base 10 are always especially suspect.
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However, for PD patients, constipation management options are usually restricted in some form, because of diet and fluid restrictions and the use of certain medications such as phosphate binders, which cannot be avoided.
This patient was managed conservatively with fluid restriction. Total water intake should not exceed 1000 mL/d.
Nonadherence with diet and fluid restrictions and perceived social support in patients undergoing hemodialysis.
If fluid restriction and dietary alterations are not successful and the serum sodium level is greater than 120 mEq/L with few or no symptoms, the urine can be made more dilute if necessary by prescribing a loop diuretic, demeclocyline, or lithium (Batcheller, 1994; Bryce, 1994; Patterson & Noroian, 1989; Tang & Lau, 1995).
The fluid restriction necessary to maintain high ketosis and the chronic acidosis accompanying the diet predisposes these children to kidney stones, which may be either uric acid or calcium oxalate stones.
Ideally, when patients receiving chronic HD followed the prescribed fluid restriction regimen, the patient's IDWG should not increase beyond expected parameters as determined by the physician.
Adherence to the strict fluid restriction is of utmost importance; thorough patient and family teaching of the purpose of the fluid restriction will need to be done.
We identified the top seven reasons for poor adherence to sodium and fluid restrictions. We then tailored and implemented interventions accordingly.
Prevalence of adherence to fluid restriction in kidney patients in haemodialysis: Objective indicator and perceived compliance.
In general, adherence to fluid restriction is more difficult compared to adherence to diet or to phosphate-binding medicines (Lin & Liang, 1997).
For instance, the non-adherence rate to dialysis was highest in the U.S., but the non-adherence rate to fluid restriction was highest in Japan.
To provide an overview of the perspectives of patients on hemodialysis about their experiences of fluid restriction.