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fluorescent lamp

fluorescent lamp
A low-pressure electric-discharge lamp; ultraviolet-light radiation is generated by the passage of an arc through mercury vapor; the inner surface of the lamp tube is coated with a phosphor which absorbs the ultraviolet and converts some of it into visible light.
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Please note that household light bulbs, floodlights, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) or fluorescent bulbs will not be accepted.
Badger Tag & Label's maintenance team, along with a local electrician, recently replaced all the fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs in its 30,000 square foot facility.
Before I arrived two years ago, someone had already converted many of our incandescent lights to spiral fluorescent bulbs. This was the best technology available at the time, but it has some drawbacks.
LED and fluorescent bulbs can achieve around 14% efficiency.
Recycling fluorescent tubes and other types of light bulbs allows for the recapture and beneficial reuse of bulb components - glass, aluminum (from end caps), and, in the case of fluorescent bulbs, mercury from the phosphor powder.
Old-line T12 fluorescent bulbs are still cheap and easy to find, but for a few dollars more per bulb, you could upgrade to more slender T8 bulbs, which are up to 40 percent more efficient.
Cities throughout the world are still using incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs for their street lights, unaware of how detrimental they are to the environment and economy.
Due to left-behind burn marks from outdated PL13 fluorescent bulbs, the management at Paseo Villas--a six-story mixed-use building in downtown San Jose, CA--needed to give the building's hallways a facelift.
Educate your customers on the change and ensure your employees can explain the differences between the available options: Of those respondents willing to change with the legislation, 46 percent polled say they will choose compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), 24 percent will choose LEDs and 13 percent say will go with halogen.
Compact fluorescent bulbs are dangerous, contain mercury, and in the case of a broken bulb in the home, the room must be evacuated for half a day after the cleanup to allow the mercury to dissipate.
Hambrose said there also are kits to recycle tubular fluorescent bulbs. That recycling kit holds up to 16 bulbs and costs $69.95 per unit.

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