fluorescent paint

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luminous paint

1. Phosphorescent paint, which, after activation, continues to emit light (even in darkness) for several hours.
2. Fluorescent paint, which has a high light reflectivity because it reflects absorbed ultraviolet energy as visible light.
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India, April 11 -- Larson Electronics has released wheeled cart mounted explosion proof fluorescent paint spray booth light, the EPLCD-48-2L-100.
has been awarded a patent for a resin based fluorescent paint for marking items comprised of a polyurethane resin present in a concentration of approximately 55% to 65% weight of the paint; a solvent for and compatible with the resin present in a concentration of 5% to 10% weight of the paint; a gelative additive present in a concentration of 1 % to 5% weight of the paint; a rheological additive present in a concentration of 1% to 5% weight of the paint; an anti-skinning additive present in a concentration of 1% to 5% weight of the paint; a fluorescent pigment present in a concentration of 20% to 30% weight of the paint; a synthetic drier in a concentration of less than 1 % weight of the paint; and a wetting agent in a concentration of less than 1% weight of the paint.
A MYSTERY protester is trying to shame thoughtless dog owners - by spraying their pets' mess with fluorescent paint.
The keys to helping him protect her lie in deciphering the meaning of the number of footfalls he hears along with two sibling bookshop owners a long-forgotten family photograph a battery of high powered lights a swatch of fluorescent paint and the faith and trust of four friends.
SMART MOVE: The fluorescent paint used on copper wiring to try to stop thefts PICTURE: SIMON GREENER www.chroniclelive.co.uk/buyaphoto ref: 01418578; ON TRACK: Acting Inspector Tim Hand with a piece of wiring painted with SmartWater
In one instance, investigators marked the tire impressions of the defendant's and victim's vehicles with different colors of fluorescent paint to show where they traveled.
If, for example, there are copper coils placed on new building construction sites, they ought to spray the copper with fluorescent paint, which wouldn't impact its suitability for fluid flow." He also suggests spraying the back of aluminum siding with fluorescent paint.
It was a powerful show, with its images from the planetary system, pink fluorescent paint and the music of Holst's The Planets echoing round the gallery.
SHEEP roaming free in an ancient swathe of forest could be daubed with fluorescent paint in an attempt to stop them being run over by motorists.
First, they sprayed bellflower seeds, which are less than 2 millimeters long, with fluorescent paint. Galloway's crew scattered 400 of these seeds in each of several bellflower patches, some on flat ground and some on slopes.
The reefs were highlighted with textured areas of fluorescent paint. Students created sea anemones with painted paper plates and put these along with glowing plants on and around the reefs.
In a bid to promote healthier habits, dog dirt left around the Flatts Lane Woodland Country Park visitor centre in Normanby will be sprayed with fluorescent paint to launch a special Dog Week.

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