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fluorescent lamp

fluorescent lamp
A low-pressure electric-discharge lamp; ultraviolet-light radiation is generated by the passage of an arc through mercury vapor; the inner surface of the lamp tube is coated with a phosphor which absorbs the ultraviolet and converts some of it into visible light.
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reflect the fluorescent tubes that are hung vertically, of which there are more in White Light .
Spencer Finch's lighting, from overhead colored fluorescent tubes, carves intimate space within the huge stage volume, then suddenly expands it to a vast field.
Two hundred items have been re-classified as hazardous, including waste paint, oil, computer monitors, fluorescent tubes, TVs and batteries.
But policy executive Charlotte Ritchie said: "Around 200 additional wastes, including common items such as computer monitors, ink cartridges and fluorescent tubes, will be designated as hazardous, which will mean that almost every business will now be a producer of hazardous waste.
Even furniture, paint and fluorescent tubes can be recycled.
The richness of the architectural language is further developed in the inventive employment and combination of workaday elements, such as fluorescent tubes for lighting concealed by the bottom flanges of steel beams, the merging of painted ductwork and steel structure and the exposed tension rods in the bridge structure.
According to Advanced Energy, a North Carolina-based nonprofit group that analyzes energy use, replacing older fluorescent tubes with newer, more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs can save as much as 30 percent on electricity, g And installing occupancy sensors can save five percent.
The 4ft cross will be lit by 80w fluorescent tubes and will be around 25ft high on the front of the building.
A FIELD of 1,300 fluorescent tubes light up the night sky - powered solely by the force field from overhead power lines.
Despite legislation that requires fluorescent tubes to be disposed of in hazardous waste sites where the mercury such lighting contains will not contaminate groundwater, millions of tubes are illegally dumped in South Africa each year.
Base employees expect that the change will mean they will be doing more minor maintenance jobs, like replacing burned-out fluorescent tubes in office light fixtures.
Monica Johnson of Toronto area company Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers says the firm has been using a process that recovers 98% of the materials produced after the fluorescent tubes are crushed.

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