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They also studied fluorine exuded by Chinese tea leaves in a cup of tea.
The industries and the government did studies that confirmed the damage being done, then promptly buried the studies and developed public relations campaigns to deny the illnesses and damage was being caused by fluorine discharge.
Scope of business: Production and sale of fluorine compounds, including perfluorocarbons
Professor Parker's team is the first to design a version of a compound containing fluorine which enables measurements to be taken quickly enough and to be read at the right 'frequency' to have the potential to be used with existing MRI scanners, whilst being used at sufficiently low doses to be harmless to the patient.
What is perhaps not so well known is that before the Project, fluorine was a difficult and dangerous element, while afterwards it became a key ingredient in all the new inhalational anaesthetics.
Christe also won the 1986 ACS Award for Creative Work in Fluorine Chemistry.
For many years, high-performance fire-fighting foams, like AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam), have been rife with fluorine compounds, which lately have been in the limelight as having potential harmful long-term effects on the environment.
This wavelength is characteristic of molecular fluorine lasers and is refracted (focused) by special materials such as Ca[F.
said Monday it has developed a compact fluorine gas generator for use in manufacturing semiconductor chips and liquid crystal.
Chemicals based on fluorine are prevalent throughout the global economy, with brandnames such as TEFLON, SCOTCHGARD, PROZAC, GORE-TEX and FREON familiar to most consumers.