flush joint

flush joint

1. Any joint finished even or level with the surrounding surfaces. See also: Joint
2. A masonry joint finished flush with the surface. See also: Mortar joint

flush-cut joint, flush joint

flush-cut joint
In brickwork, a masonry joint in which an excess of mortar is applied; then a trowel is held flat against the brick surface and moved along the surface, so as to cut away the excess mortar. The resulting joint is flush with the wall, and is usually not watertight as a result of small hairline cracks produced by the cutting action as the trowel removes the excess mortar.

rough-cut joint, flat joint, flush joint, hick joint

rough-cut joint
The simplest joint in masonry; made by holding the edge of the trowel flat against the brick and cutting in any direction, so that the mortar in the joints is made smooth with the wall surface. Because this cutting action produces a small hairline crack, the joint is not always watertight.
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"Major Operators challenged with reducing their global P&A liabilities continue to choose Abrado as the technology leader in Multi-String Casing Section Milling Services for permanent abandonment," said Kevin Rice, Abrado CEO "This was a particularly challenging job due to the eccentric positioning of the casings, the flush joint casing connections and the fact that the 13 5/8"casing was Q-125 grade.
They chose a brick made in the Midlands, laid with a flush joint in English Garden Wall bond, giving a monolithic appearance.
It's a clever solution for a perfectly flush joint between the two frames.
In order to rehabilitate the deteriorated pipe, Hobas supplied 660 feet of 33-inch diameter flush joint pipe in 20-foot lengths and 60 feet of the same diameter in five-foot lengths.
The spline-locked PVC pipe with a flush joint is designed to help contractors and municipalities achieve greater precision and efficiency in trenchless sewer infrastructure projects.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 114 mm od flush joint 6.096 metres drill rod
To help contractors and municipalities achieve greater precision and efficiency in trenchless sewer infrastructure projects, North American Specialty Products introduces StraightShot, the industry's first restrained-joint PVC pipe with a flush joint. Featuring the company's Certa-Lok mechanical joining system, StraightShot offers the advantages of a smooth, flush joint without the need for the time-consuming and costly fusion process.
HOBAS delivered a flush joint sliplining pipe that had precisely the same diameter at the pipe barrel and the bell joint; this also facilitated installation.
Tenders are invited for Twelve hundred feet (1,200~) of three and one half inch (3 1/2") flush joint pipe; Water well grade; Twenty feet (20~) long shoulder to shoulder; Box by pin connections; Two and three eighths inch (2 3/8") IF threads.
Tenders invited for Supply of pw casing (flush jointed)
The flush joints also allow you to get full pipe capacity with a smaller expanding head."