water closet

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water closet, W.C.

water closet flush tank
1. A plumbing fixture used to receive human excrement and to discharge it through a waste pipe, using water as a conveying medium.
2. A room containing a water closet, 1.
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But there is no mention of anything that could be called a flush toilet.
The disappointingly-sluggish evolution of the flush toilet so far has been limited to the area of contact between the user and the loo, often reflecting the growing waist-size of the users in some part of the world.
In addition, the first recorded patent for a commercial flush toilet dates from 1775 and was issued to Alexander Cummings, 60 years before Crapper was even born.
Manufacturing and installing flush toilets is costly, and a sewer system infrastructure is unattainable in most places throughout the urban developing world.
Probably while translating, he invented a flush toilet and installed one for the queen in her palace at Richmond, Surrey.
Duo Flush Toilet Conversion: Victor Olascoaga, Summers Crossing, Milestone
Many of these innovations will not only revolutionize sanitation in the developing world, but also help transform our dependence on traditional flush toilets in wealthy nations," Gates said in a statement Tuesday.
We need a variance for a hand pump on our well, no electricity, and a manually filled gravity fed flush toilet.
Duo Flush Toilet Conversion: Wesley Foncesa, Post Properties
Firm phase: rental, installation, servicing and maintenance of bathrooms 4 auto maintenance and a flush toilet cabin automatic maintenance