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water closet, W.C.

water closet flush tank
1. A plumbing fixture used to receive human excrement and to discharge it through a waste pipe, using water as a conveying medium.
2. A room containing a water closet, 1.
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Martin Obeng, for sponsoring three more micro flush toilets from his private funds.
But there is no mention of anything that could be called a flush toilet.
* Aids in the conservation of fresh water by avoiding the usage of potable water required by the typical flush toilet.
The disappointingly-sluggish evolution of the flush toilet so far has been limited to the area of contact between the user and the loo, often reflecting the growing waist-size of the users in some part of the world.
More than 40% of the world's population lack access to proper sanitation facilities, but shiny white flush toilets won't solve the problem, warns a new book, The Last Taboo: Opening the Door on the Global Sanitation Crisis.
A good first step toward solving the water crisis would be to replace flush toilets with stand-alone dry-composting toilets.
Probably while translating, he invented a flush toilet and installed one for the queen in her palace at Richmond, Surrey.
But Elston couldn't help but notice the irony of outfitting those same homes with what he considered wasteful five-gallon flush toilets.
Then you have the intriguing WC or Water Closet in Britain, originally referring to a flush toilet. Then there's the loo.
Duo Flush Toilet Conversion: Scott Cooke, Forest Plaza, Campus Management
A flush toilet was first described by British writer James Harington, in his 1896 book "A New Discourse upon a Stale Subject: The Metamorphosis of Ajax." Harington had installed an 'Ajax' water closet in his home, and offered practical advice on how to build one in his book, which was also rife with allusions and "dreadful puns," (http://web.archive.org/web/20091107025927/http:/www.stoke.gov.uk/ccm/museums/museum/2006/gladstone-pottery-museum/information-sheets/sir-john-harington the-first-flushing-loo.en) according to the Stoke-on-Trent City Council .
We will have a flush toilet to pass code and then install the sawdust toilet later.